Wifey's Surprise

Wifey's Surprise

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    2014-03-28 07:21:43One of my favorite vids. I'm bisexual me and my girl do this all the time


    2014-01-14 15:19:07This is a surprise that my girl wants me to give her!

    Miss Lili

    2013-12-17 22:55:33Keeps a girl cummin every time


    2013-11-10 23:36:35great


    2013-10-31 23:47:57I wish that was me sucking his cock and being fucked by him,I would take my hot moist lips and lick his ass hole and then pleasure her ass also. She could watch me suck both guys cocks until I sucked ever last of there cum from there cocks.I would worship there cocks.


    2013-09-26 03:50:36What did she wanted to say when entering the room? Hunny i forgot my P... Is it: A. Purse B. Penis The answer is B. Because she had her purse hanging from her left sholder.

    suck that dick girl hmmmmm

    2013-08-25 19:02:26


    2013-07-08 04:36:39I would suck a cock to get into her....she is hot.


    2013-05-31 14:25:08What's happening with the 2012 flashback?....Cum on talk to me.........I can make you hard guys, and you gals wet if you like kind of wild married stories.....


    2013-05-28 14:29:32What is this 2012 stuff?......................Someone step forward and do some story swapping..I have lots of them that are true and I love to share....Don't tell my wife please...............


    2013-05-20 11:15:15Closet crossdresser here. Got off on this vid many times. All are so hot. Even got off reading the comments. Love to suck cock and pussy. I've never sucked a shaved cock yet. Any help for me?


    2013-05-10 13:01:23Should I give up trying to find a talk buddy?


    2013-04-30 15:59:17Would anyone like to talk about bi sex or sex with my best friends wife and with him...She was the one that wanted me to suck his dick while she watched with wide eyes and a dripping pussy.......The reason was it was a huge turn on for her(him and me too for that matter)....Do you have true stories like I do? If so let's talk here, Jared. PS, my wife has stories too...Good sexy ones...


    2013-05-17 05:18:54yes Jared i have but not with a girl involved

    Post as...zantas24

    2013-04-22 14:30:11Leila Swan is hot ! Love her!


    2013-04-02 07:24:44Niceeeeeeeee video, use to have a married friend who would come over to "watch sports with me" after my wife would leave us guys to watch the game, we would talk about the women we saw during the day and how we would love to fuck them. Then start to talk about how are wives were not taking care of us, and so it began, we would start to look at porn then pull are cocks out. I would be the first to play with his cock and then get on my knees between his legs and take my time licking his balls and cock. Always hoped my wife would walk in and catch me with his hard cock in my mouth, just like her in the video. Wish she would be into this, but doubt she would get into this. Would love to find a couple to play with like them.


    2013-05-17 05:17:26looks like what I did when i was a teenager miaammmmmm


    2013-03-30 04:28:35 nm


    2013-03-27 21:46:13Would+love+to+have+that+brown+sugar+and+those+two+cocks!

    Looks fun

    2013-03-22 07:14:14Am not into men but I love the cock I would love to try bi sex


    2013-03-19 01:19:23I could give this a try one day. It looks awesome!


    2013-02-22 23:21:06She's a much better looking woman than most of the hags in Bi- videos.


    2012-10-11 18:31:30The actress is Leila Swan


    2012-09-21 20:02:58Who is this woman??? She is hot and nasty!!! Check her out in "Wife Loves to Watch her Husban Fuck Another Man She's even hotter!

    Had my fist bi sex 2days ago

    2012-08-25 05:54:10Was fuxking some guy gf & he was to ended up giving him a great blow job

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