Wife Theresa getting laid by friend at party

Wife Theresa getting laid by friend at party

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2014-03-25 21:48:59It's an extreme turn on for me to see another man make that final thrust inside my hot wife's pussy and shoot HIS seed there instead of me. I can't explain it, it just is. Then right afterward, as I engage in foreplay with her I'll ask her whose pussy it is and she'll tell me it's "Joe's" or whomever and then it's a huge turn-on to "take back" my wife's pussy by filling it with my own seed.


2014-03-07 22:52:49This lady is not the prettiest of faces but has a fantastic body and fucks well


2014-02-26 01:16:35what a tasty looking ass


2013-08-31 21:12:25What I like about this video is the passionate banging. He is very strong, very hungry and very focused in making sure she gets what she "deserved" - proper "filled up". While she is a good girl and takes it all in when he "nailed" her with his elephant dick, however, It would have been nicer if she could moan more. Men like that. I usually am very "noisy" In bed. I moan and I talk dirty. The "outcome" is very satisfying.


2013-08-23 19:18:37There is just something so hot about having another mans cum in me, such a huge turn on for me!


2013-08-30 11:17:51Nice!


2013-06-25 15:40:14This one reminds me of a time when my wife and I went to a swingers party, a guy on the dance floor was rubbing and feeling my wife up, and she was getting good hot, he took her to a quite place and stripped her and himself ,then he ate her out and fucked her completely leaving a big wade of cum dribbling out of her. When he finished fucking her five more guys took turns in her wet sloppy cunt. When they finished I was so fucking horney I mounted her well used cunt and it felt so hot open wet with cum making sucking noise as I went in A nd out Cummings like crazy, Some more guys came over and asked her if they could fuck her after me she looked at me then said yes.


2013-03-25 00:11:12Someone can tell me song title, at the begining? Also... it`s pretty gay- i`d kill guy with my bare hands, for fucking my woman. But pretty hot vid


2013-02-23 06:12:34Is there something a little gay watching your wife get screwed by another man? I can understand two chicks and one guy but two guys and one chick? That usually means one or both guys might be closeted gay guys. Just say'in.


2013-02-18 22:51:37That was HOT!!! She looks like one hell of juicy fuck and he pounded her and hard and long and buried her with one hell of creampie to boot! DAMN!


2013-02-04 11:59:49must be exciting to fuck this cunt drippoing with spunk


2013-01-26 09:33:26sir, you must be some kind of homo to be wearing socks while fucking that woman. only barefoot men deserve to cum in a pussy

Rod Rigid

2013-01-26 03:23:51Awesome vid. From the giggle in that ass at the beginning to the cream pie finish. Top notch.


2013-01-01 05:59:10Man, that's some beautiful stuff to watch. Theresa looks like a hell of a good fuck. I can't blame a guy wantin to see his wife get some cock. Wonder if Theresa likes to be eaten right after she's been fucked. I would have been glad to crawl between her legs after he pulled his cock out, and suck her cum filled pussy to an orgasm.


2012-12-12 13:53:19I agree with Raul, I don't understand guys who get off watching another guy fuck his wife. Why bother getting married in the first place?? That being said, this was still a sexy fuck.


2012-10-03 19:45:01wow! that Theresa is one sweet honey. thanks for the vid.


2012-09-15 23:17:41I was invited to a swingers party about 3-1/2 years ago to act as "moral support" for my friend. Although I didn't think I would participated, by the end of the night I had sex with two different men. The rule of the house was anyone could have sex, but only one couple at a time so everyone could enjoy the show. Looks like that is how it was at this party too.


2012-07-17 22:54:38I think it's a very loving, very human video. It looks like the two people in the video really enjoy being with one another.


2012-02-19 22:34:10She is the image of my neighbour...........

screw my wife

December 28, 2012Very arousing. A part of me would like to take my wife to a party like this. There watch another man seduce her and get her into a private bedroom. Or even bring him back to our place so he can screw her.


January 19, 2012althought this was nice, it's also pathetic...


December 30, 2011 Theresa, a truly fabulous vid, but I would love to hear youur personal comments about the other four guys who rode your delectable pussy that night. Would youcare to share the experience??


November 10, 2011TO Raul, I know it's a cliche but don't knock it till you've tried it, you might be suprised and even enjoy it. Alyhough it's not for everyone you do have to have a very close relationship for it to work.


October 27, 2011I would love to fill her up


October 08, 2011Not only is this my biggest fantasy, but Theresa has a striking resemblance to my wife. I must now jack off into her panties.

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