Wife Fucks Rubber Doll

Wife Fucks Rubber Doll

Length:  2:23


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2014-03-20 05:00:22Well doesnt she need the dick, badly


2013-09-01 23:18:14I love that the doll was wearing socks haha


2013-08-28 23:53:16do you have something against black cock i love to see you with a black man you are hot

wet fo all cocks

2013-03-24 13:22:44Fuck I want a doll, hard all the time and ready as soon as I shed my clothes. so fucking wet and horny for fucking a big latex cock


January 21, 2012hmmmm very interesting


January 14, 2012well THAT was funny. I swear, I only seem to come here to find the weirdest shit i can just cause i know it'll give me a giggle. Blow up doll seizures ftw.

blow up doll

January 06, 2012it looks likes no man can satisfy her in bed she is very very horney bitch so the only way she can get pleasure is to fuck hard day and night is a rubber doll.


October 31, 2011I want to be the dummy


October 28, 2011quiero un muneko asi

Blow up doll

September 27, 2011Hey! thats me in the video! I left my socks on like the brothers.


September 20, 2011For once its really not her Husband haha...


September 19, 2011i like to the doll. horny bitch and i like give it to her.


August 10, 2011stupid bitch


June 08, 2011I want to play the part of the dummy she was riding. She is a real horny bitch and I would love to give her what she is asking for too.


June 07, 2011I seen other vedios of hers. She is a Hot MILF and however or whatever she fucks it is luck for sure totaly. :) I wish I could be next in line to dog her "Doggie Style" and listen to those moans & groans..

Finally, sort of

June 07, 2011Finally she's getting something other than her husband in her cunt. Maybe her next guy will be OK with her actually doing what she's been lying about for so long.......


June 07, 2011God! I'm so horny! I want more of these videos. This woman is amazing. I love her moans and how she ride the doll. Unfortunaltely the vid is only 2:23m :(


June 07, 2011I loved it! Its different. i just wish we could see her sucking doll cock :D

loves boots

June 07, 2011i dont care what she fucks, her body is just the best!!


June 07, 2011well.....that was different......didn't expect to see that when i hopped on tonight.....


June 07, 2011As of June 2011, Desirae stated on her web page that she's divorced. It'll be interesting to see if she actually fucks someone other than her husband or a rubber doll. It's just a darn shame that whomever she fucks next won't be me!


June 06, 2011why you cant find a real cock??


June 06, 2011yaaaaaaaaaaaaa


June 06, 2011comical--worthy of a belly-laugh


June 06, 2011i wish i could have a milf mmmmm

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