Wife caught cheating on hidden cam

Wife caught cheating on hidden cam

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2014-01-02 23:17:04Yall crazy on here


2013-12-31 10:29:50Is that Kurt


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2013-08-28 07:47:26Damn I want to b fukd good


2013-07-04 05:44:04susan, you get mad at hubby again, call me... no strings, just sex...


2013-04-05 11:35:58Susan, let's go get a room !


2013-03-19 04:51:04I got into a heated arguement with my husband so I went to a club to have a few drinks to cool off. A young man came over to talk and we danced to the music. He is an artist and we went to his studio to see some of his paintings. Once we were there and were alone he gave me a massage and started kissing my neck and cheeks. I was still made at hubby so I made out some more with him. I guess when you are married, you are so used to having sex so I just let things progress. Somehow he got my panty off and started to lick my pussy. I was feeling so good and excited that I just let him enter me. He fuck the heck out of me for 3 hours. Afterward I felt so guilty and left quickly to go home. I showered and cleaned up and when to bed beside my husband. To this day, I never told anyone except here.


2013-06-11 04:15:52No one's perfect hun. It happens.

Whatever you're lying

2014-02-04 05:21:57Oh "somehow" he got your panties off??? How about you let him pull them off!


2013-01-21 06:06:02my husband is the boss at a company and he likes to watch me with other men we got some camers in the bedroom and he sets up to have one of his employes to come to the house to pick something up i would answer the door wearing nothing but sexy underwear i than get them into the bedroom and seduce them any way i can and than let them fuck me


2013-01-18 10:57:00mascando chicletes?


2013-01-03 00:51:38Girk+is+sexy+i+like+your+big+boooty+yeaah


2012-10-06 05:04:23I came.and she really knows to rub her clit hard


2012-10-02 04:18:30very very very slow...no skill and no power.....bustard

Sojata King

2012-09-19 06:11:53My definition of cheating is intercourse. I don't consider my husband cheating when he goes to a strip club or get a lap dance. I have a lot of male friends and I love hanging out with them. My hubby would sometimes complaint a little but, I would tell him I never complaint when you go to a strip club. I often made out a little with my male friends and they sometimes suck my pussy and I would give them a happy ending. And then it just happened one night. A few of the guys and I got a little drunk at the bar after a birthday party and we decided not to drive and check into the hotel for the night instead. I called hubby that I am staying with a girlfriend because, I had a little too much to drink. We got into the room and started making out as usual. That night I just got really horny and was really turned on. The 3 men seeing this took total advantage of me. They licked my pussy until I begged for them to fuck me, they took turns banging me all through the night. Best sex ever.

wet as fuck

2012-08-13 17:04:53this gets me off everytime


2012-07-10 17:23:10Hubby or BF won't fuck your brains out? come find me in SD for a good time :)


2012-06-18 16:30:00Any cheating house wifes want a big rock hard cock to be fucked like that or even better ill be waiting hehe..


2012-06-13 15:10:40Anyhow danilelle, the woman is well shaped and very sexy and I think she has a very good time with that man. For me this is high quality sex in real life.


2012-05-27 02:40:56all these videos are taged.thats no hidden cam and no cheating wife.its porn, people!!!!!!

cornudo from portugal

2012-05-17 13:42:28my wife too fucked with a younger guy and i loved the details of it , that she told me afterwards...i don't blame her he's so much younger than me she's 42 now and he was 26 a young bull


2012-03-26 18:28:53My boyfriend fucks me like that! ;D


2012-02-12 22:29:50mm que rico, asi me ponia mi ex-amante mmm quiero verlo de nuevo


2012-02-08 17:27:05cheating is not a sex for love. it's a sex for fun. nowadays, cheaters have a fuck buddy or a fucking friends.

Guy in video

March 10, 2012That guys a pornstar. I saw on a Brazzers video a while back fucking a pornstar. Forgot his name though. Will try to find the link.

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