Wife being satisfied by my black friend

Wife being satisfied by my black friend

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Happy Husband

2014-03-22 17:48:44How often do you need sex? how often do you want sex? How is masturbation different than intercourse when done as a response for a biological need? In the absence of their husband some women would prefer intercourse rather than masturbation. It is perfectly valid.


2013-11-21 03:52:27I know my husband would never go for it, but the thought and taboo of taking a black cock like that! Love how creamy he left her, so jealous!


2013-08-08 01:06:45It's her husband's responsibility to assure his wife satisfaction at ALL times.


2013-07-23 23:42:24Nice bareback vid nice little arsehole on show does she take it up arse


2013-07-02 13:48:43A milky asshole.


2013-03-14 03:18:21My wife is always free to fuck whoever she chooses whenever she wants as I am too. We have an open relationship and are active in the swing lifestyle. She has hooked up with black guys over the years and always has a good time. The thing about swinging it makes our sex life even hotter and the sex is more frequent. She had some very wild intense sex on Saturday with a single guy we met at a party and she was so turned on we have had sex every night since. Great video and nice to see other people who realize as Larry Flint says "Relax, its only sex."


2013-01-22 18:09:48contact me if you need your wife fucked.. big black dick waiting for some white pussy..


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Mike P

2012-08-08 21:40:36I love seeing my wife fucked by black guys she loves there cocks also, I sit and watch and listen to her scream and moan and then when they are done I am told to clean her and her lover up, I ge on my knees and do as I am told.I love being a cuckold to my "Hot Wife"

wife blackened

2012-07-24 14:14:57This seems to be the secret fantasy of more and more husbands for a black guy to fuck their wife. I think I'd like for a guy like this to take my wife to a hotel of even our bedroom and screw her brains out.

Good husband

2012-07-23 13:46:08I loving wife must be satisfied. No matter what it takes. She must be free to take whatever she needs from wherever she wants. She must have money and cock available at any time.


2012-02-28 22:37:33this video is more proof that black cock really is the best (as more and more white women are finding out every day!)


January 30, 2012my wife wants big black cock too...she s filipina


January 07, 2012My husband brings his black friend home every Friday for drinks & to fuck me, I love it! Nice thick cock inside me & he fucks for such a long time, always cums inside me. Nice!


December 10, 2011wish my wife was at her place




December 04, 2011Juicy pussy

No Use

November 30, 2011...my black friend has a smaller penis than I, I don't think that there would be any use in having him fuck my wife's pussy. All of the girls comment more about the bick cock rather then the colour of skin!


October 29, 2011hope they were both cleaned before taking your turn!!!!


October 07, 2011She ain't going back to hubby after that!!!

Pole Axed

September 21, 2011Note to self: When my black friend is fucking my wife I must remember to turn off my son's Nintendo DS.


September 09, 2011my husband loves me getting fucked by big black cocks!! i get absolutley dripping wet as soon as a nice black cock enters me,talk about multiple orgasms!!,if there are any big 10"+ men who would like to taste me,then fuck me leave a message below!!


September 01, 2011Did she got pregnant after this?


July 14, 2011I love getting rocked to that kind of music! I could ride a good hard cock anytime with that music.


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