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    Bi Husband

    2014-04-06 08:45:33So Hot, loved her, and him, Wish my wife would do this to me....


    2014-04-02 14:31:14Lucky guy!


    2014-03-12 13:09:59I wish my wife would do this to me I can't wait to show her this video maybe then she'll get the message


    2014-03-08 03:32:55VERY sexy the way she fucks. Notice she pushed all the way in then backed off a bit as he came. shows she really knows how to do it right, taking pressure off prostate so he can cum hard. Lucky to have a wife who enjoys this too :-)


    2014-01-26 21:22:09I wish someone would due this to me. I would love to have someone due this to me.


    2014-01-26 15:55:35Thanks for adivce and i going get one so my wife will due me like this. This looks like it can be some fun


    2014-01-09 03:05:44wow I need an open minded woman like her love it.


    2013-12-24 13:25:59Great assfucking , she works it well


    2013-12-01 16:53:57fuckin hat A

    lover girl

    2013-09-17 03:57:47I love to fuck my man in his ass meanwhile im jerking him off also. It makes me get so fucking wet. When im done i put his hard cock in my pussy and ride it till we both cum.


    2014-02-27 18:02:22That is so hot!! I would love to have a girl do that to me

    strapon rider

    2014-03-09 03:46:03My wife gets really hot when she watches one of her friends fuck me so I end up getting fucked twice. I love it


    2013-08-29 03:16:29This sort of thing is great for a marriage or relationship. I love my wife, and I love her more when she fucks me in the ass! I think it saved our marriage.


    2013-08-15 14:23:47hot girl ..... I am ready


    2013-05-28 18:45:04me and my girl make sunday strapon day so great so good!!!!


    2013-04-28 04:28:22wish my wife would due this to me. I always dream she would but not sure how to tell her i what this done to me


    2013-06-08 13:51:15buy the strapon and tell her


    2013-07-07 16:17:42wish i had you for a wife. I would love fill you due this me. So have you ever did this before


    2013-11-24 20:05:12take her shopping for her own strap, tell her you want to try it,she might like it.


    2014-03-08 03:04:23I just decided to go for it. Bought a dildo and lube and put it on the bed next to me where i was lying face down, my butt raised by a pillow. she came in from shower and I raised my ass some more. she got the hint and got into it. i came the first time with no hands! she loved it too. Now it is part of our sex games.


    2013-04-14 09:38:01This is pretty fucking awesome ;-)


    2013-03-03 16:00:16i get regularly a prostate massage but this seems awesome

    Sexy bitch

    2013-02-18 07:36:34I would love a dick a one with balls


    2012-12-17 04:42:42I+cant+seem+to+find+any+girl+that+is+willing+to+fuck+me+with+a+huge+dildo,+each+one+doesnt+like+dominating+a+guy.


    2012-11-26 06:34:44I want it just like that

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