Watching My Wife Fuck a Stud

Watching My Wife Fuck a Stud

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2014-03-22 03:24:44Try this next time. It only takes five minutes and she will appreciate it.

geiler Bock

2014-03-18 16:51:49was ein geiler Körper

another kennedy

2014-03-13 21:43:04you taught her well

Bea Kennedy

2014-03-09 07:19:46I am her mom

another kennedy

2014-03-04 04:40:31would love to fuck Paris

Female ejaculation

2014-01-28 19:07:55F


2013-12-11 14:58:04real boring


2013-10-19 15:37:28Bestial, era assim que Nós eu e minha mulher depois de casados convidavamos uns amigos para ir a nossa casa Foder com Minha Mulher.


2013-10-02 02:39:57I wish i would took you up on this Dawn. I would love to fuck you like this and would been fun


2013-09-16 09:36:00reminds me of my ex boyfriend, I use to like my previous boyfriend fucking me fill me up with cum and then my new one fuck me already full of cum it was great the two guys never met each other but they did not mind fucking me full of cum,it use to run down my legs and was a cumie mess but great


2013-08-09 04:25:11sexy.. exciting... nice boby.. nice fuck..


2013-08-07 16:28:34Mundane to the point of being boring actually.


2013-07-29 13:46:18My wife of 2 years and I had a very nasty fight. She falsely accused me of cheating on her and sleeping with other women. She stormed out of the house and came back 2 days later with such a guilty look in her face. She then told me she drove 2 hours to New York and bought the tightest and shortest mini dress she could found, a tiny laced panty thong and dolled up to go clubbing. She went and started to drink,and dance with several men. She ended up making out with 2 guys in the back of the club and then things got really heated. She told me she did not mean to but, it just happened. I was shock but, incredibly turned on. She noticed it and then confessed that it was really good and really wanted to do it again and more. That just had me almost creaming in my pant. Now we swing but, she does not like it when I fuck another woman. She likes it when I watch as she is taken by other men. And that is just fine by me.


2013-07-07 18:07:35love to share my wife maybe someone can give her some good sex and let me join with both of them


2013-06-26 01:28:57Oh please God let me fuck someone like her


2013-02-22 22:04:32Getting fucked is her only purpose in life.


2013-01-21 20:30:50She+is+amazing.+I+love+how+vocal+she+is.+


2013-01-02 04:15:26oh ! my ass is getting hard !!


2012-09-16 06:09:24great cum all over that pretty face, my cock is so fukin hard


2012-08-21 20:22:21Stud? More like a dud.....she probably weighs for than this anorexic boy....


2012-08-06 17:49:44A stud? Dude can't even fuck the babe like a man!

wife and boyfriend

2012-05-20 01:25:41This is how I want to watch my wife's boyfriend fuck her. When he's able to he comes by in the evening, we'll hang out together for awhile and they get comfortable on the couch together. Soon they'll start making out and stripping each other. When my wifes naked or down to her panties they adjourn to our bedroon because my wife wants privacy when he screws her.


2012-04-30 23:07:11asdfadsadasdas fuulll bellacas


2012-04-05 11:01:25i want to fuck her

i love sex

2011-02-21 05:24:58the girl was sexy

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