uncut dick masturbating

uncut dick masturbating

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    2014-04-14 17:01:35I would be happy to be his lover


    2013-12-30 07:27:17nice head on that. havnt sucked one but wouldnt mind touching it


    2013-07-19 12:44:56REMIDS MY OF MY HUSBAND lol


    2012-05-03 22:03:09i masterbate to this video and come within a minute.


    2012-04-22 08:41:39I have never been fucked with an uncut dick and unfortunately for me i will never have the chance to since am married and i don't want to be unfaithful to him.


    2012-04-18 13:06:58he needs a good fucking. everything about this video is sexy.


    2012-03-06 16:38:35I wank watching you play, we stay close to each other but do not even touch

    young girl

    2012-03-02 13:50:29i may be young, but oh my i like watching this, im wet but trying not to fiddle, id love you to wank over over while i play x mmm x


    February 16, 2012Want to share an uncut cock with lucy


    January 12, 2012Foreskins are so gorgeous and lush, I love playing with them, sucking that soft pliable lovely flesh, im so glad im british as most men have them here cor!


    December 27, 2011Still masturbating watching that exciting cock and his wonderful pubic hair. Would like him to squeeze my balls


    December 24, 2011I like sucking uncut cocks, they taste much better


    November 22, 2011^^^^WILL Size doesn't mean anything when having fun wanking and experincing cumming. Th ole saying goes... show me a man who doesn't jerk off and I'll show you a man who's jerking someone else off


    November 14, 2011je n'aime que les petites bite

    uncut 1940

    November 12, 2011There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful than an uncut cock binging jacked off if it is by yourself or by someone else

    Ana Isabel

    August 25, 2011I love the feeling of uncut cocks when they enter my cunt is much smoother than cut cocks


    April 18, 2011Little cock was quite usefull and spunky at the end

    Uncut guy

    April 12, 2011Lisa dont you feel any diference when you are fucked by uncut cocks like this one? the cock goes much more easily all the way inside there is not so much friction. the cut cock fucks in a drier way


    April 04, 2011Lisa you are right uncut cock are the best of course the cunt must be licked leaving it all wet so the cock head will enter so easily you will feel a great pleasure from the begining


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