Two Hot Blondes and a Shemale

Two Hot Blondes and a Shemale

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2014-01-08 17:08:18I agree with Sara. I fuck both of them


2013-02-25 03:50:11this makes me wanna fuck someone right now


2013-02-19 21:26:37I love youporn, because I haVNT CUM OUTA THE CLOSET YET.


2013-02-07 20:21:31salut


2012-12-29 22:04:18love youporn because i am gay


2012-12-19 21:34:01Great!


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2012-11-26 07:19:39Like to add another cock and ass into 3some and make it awesome foursome. I want the small tit girl to wear me out with that strap on while I suck that shemales cock oof, then can have her turn at my ass, while I fuck the othe two gals.


2012-11-20 21:24:34I think that it is so fucking hot to watch a shemale fuck a woman ... I love it, very much a turn-on. My cock is so hard and oozing precum. Damn.


2012-09-17 23:56:21Okay, guys don't feel so bad about these shemale big dicks compared to your own. These dicks aren't as large as they look on camera. I am a bisexual man and have been fucked by a shemale. It's more of a psychological thing than a physical thing. In the end, sexual satisfaction is as much in the mind as it is in the physical action. That is why the first time is largely better than all the other times. That is why many of us just want to constantly experience someone new or an new experience act, before we are always looking for that first time feeling. I am one of those people. It has been suggested that I seek help, but I am not ready yet. Until then, anyone want who is fine man want to get fucked by me and than fuck me is in for a possible goodtime.


2012-09-17 23:36:12See why I want to be a shemale.

Big dick

2012-08-10 22:19:07Man looks like in few years there wont be a normal sex anymore they gonna be lez lol


2012-06-06 09:18:25ive always wanted to fuck a fat dicked shemale...nice flick im so wet


2012-05-15 13:00:54omg this makes me want to suck a dick so bad and i'm not even gay....


2012-05-14 17:42:55there is nothen better then to fuck a she-male love them i have one that im fucking its hott...


2012-02-15 07:25:13So...shemales.....are sometimes still into women?


December 27, 2011Why did i watch this...

hot lesbian shemale

November 08, 2011Oh that looks so hot can i have some of her dick? :)


October 15, 2011i love shemales

Love Beautiful Lesbians!!

October 13, 2011The beginning scenes from 0:00 through 0:43 and the way the shemale mounts her lover at 1:53 are so sexually arousing to watch. Great body positions and camera work to show how georgous these women are. The two on each side of the shemale are especially georgous. They are perfect lesbians with long straight blonde hair; they have very pretty faces and silky smooth, lickable lips. Lucious! Great sexual experience by all three. We want to see lots more high quality porn videos of beautiful lesbians kissing and fucking like this in bedrooms everywhere, they are amazing!!


September 26, 2011Damn i wanna woman like that blonde one there


August 25, 2011nice tan lines. they're working in porn FFS, but can't bear to sunbathe topless?


August 05, 2011got a hard on and cum just thinking of fucking that bitch!!!


July 26, 2011Mhm thats that good shit

idose mio!

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