Two girls one black man

Two girls one black man

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    crazy stev

    2014-04-17 08:40:46cooooooooooooollllll

    nasty girl

    2014-04-07 03:45:16Im so wet omg I want to suck a big black cock right now plus ill swallow


    2014-04-01 01:05:20I have told my bull to fuck my g/f like a whore. I let her share him. I got her hooked on black men and know she wants nothing else. He is powerful, strong and hung and has balls that hold gallons of cum. He has filled us both up completely in one fucking session. His big cock drive us both crazy and when he is fucking my g/f I love kissing him and playing with his nipples and balls as he drives into her hard. I love to tell him to breed her, she wants your baby. He goes crazy hearing that and pumps a huge load into her. She has never refused his seed. He knows how to keep white women happy with that big cock of his. He knows what white pussy wants.

    Sex Whore

    2014-02-11 02:12:40I want that cock sooo fuckin bad


    2013-11-03 12:09:18Wow


    2013-09-14 06:59:08This guy must be blessed :)


    2013-08-19 13:02:20hi

    Black Mamba

    2013-06-16 00:30:40My black dick is about to explode watching these white girls tight pinkies uuu weee!


    2013-05-17 20:13:34haha these girls are funny

    Bad Brad

    2013-05-06 21:44:59I love that little blond and the nice wet pussy cream she left dribbling down his cock.Erin's response "look at all that cream comin out"


    2013-03-11 04:30:59strong back


    2013-01-31 02:01:31Man+white+women+love+blk+dick+its+the+new+thing+for+them+.+Was+fucking+a+white+chick+in+the+middle+of+the+day+at+her+moms+and+as+I+was+leaving+mom+stopped+me+in+the+kitchen+sucked+better+dick+then+her+daughter+so+I+fucked+her+over+the+sink+now+I+go+there+2+times+a+week+an+walk+around+the+house+dick+out+just+fucking+them+both+all+day.+I+love+white+women

    Ran D

    2013-01-25 00:49:51What a cock! Wish mine was even close to that big. Would LOVE to watch my wife fuck this guy, while I played with his balls and my own cock....which I did to this video, unplanned!

    corey b

    2013-01-23 19:42:23thats the way you fuck


    2012-12-02 13:25:09I had a black cock only once. He had a big fat cock. He fucked my ass deep and i tasted it (i remember it was sweet) and at the end he cummed on my feet...


    2012-11-03 18:40:33I and my g/f do this with my b/f. She had never had black cock until a couple of months ago. Now she loves it. It is such a turn on watching my man fuck my g/f with me kissing both of them and egging my man on to fuck her so hard and shoot his load deep in her. i love watching both of them and then looking at and listening to my black bull as he gets closer and closer to unloading his sperm. When he does we all go crazy, my g/f wants all of it and I am massaging and squeezing my man's loaded balls making him shoot more and more of his seed into my g/f. i have the pleasure of eating it out of her. He taste just as good coming out of her as it does shooting straight down my throat. Try it's something you will really enjoy.


    2012-10-30 21:02:55My girlfriend and i should try something like this...


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    2012-10-02 21:11:19im in love with his penis too...i want my turn to gag on it!!


    2012-09-24 16:54:23Nice hammer... Though, he does look like the back of my balls after a 2 hour bath.... Nasty ugher!


    2012-09-15 16:44:47Does anyone know this guys name? I am in LOVE with his cock!!


    2012-09-07 14:06:21wow get it boy ..


    2012-09-02 12:08:04Guess that cocks too much for one girl to handle on her own


    2012-08-09 17:27:09Dig deep woow


    2012-08-06 04:39:09this guy is lucky

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