Two girls learning how to suck and fuck

Two girls learning how to suck and fuck

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    2013-05-18 21:03:41THOSE GIRLS NEEDS MY CUM

    sexy boy

    November 14, 2011ooooooooo


    August 18, 2011if anyone really thinks these girls are anything resembling amateurs please think again. Believe me an amateur doesn't know how to stick her ass up in the air like that blonde does. And she just so happens to have a tongue ring. yuh right! grow up. porn is fake. I cant even see the black chick anyway but that blonde is effin hawt! yikes! please if anyone really does know her name i NEED it.


    August 16, 2011Absolutely like it, they really look like amateurs, most of all the blond. You see, that she really have some troubles to take that big cock. But nevertheless she likes it. I would do like it to see her in other movies. Does nobody know her name?


    March 08, 2011The blond one is facking hot! s


    March 08, 2011reminds me of my days back in Merced, Calif


    February 19, 2011@Dylan - do you work for The View? if so, go to another site

    Janice, Karen and Dylan

    February 06, 2011We like this one but the guy is not very good looking. We get together after sunning, flirting and swimming at a nudist resort in So. Calif. Dylan is longer and thicker than this guy, so it takes some foreplay to get us both ready for his nice cock and swinging balls we love to tease and lick!


    December 01, 2010Seriously, this guy is such a creep! I like porn but this guy is forcing these girls to do shit! Now hold on, before you go saying but Dylan, these are porn stars, they do this for a living, here me on this. You have all watched porn videos before, but, how many times do you hear the girl saying, "It Hurts", like the blond one does at 9:40! And that black girl, when he sticks his penis up her but for the first time she has a look of complete discomfort all across her face and even asks the blonde if she wanted to do it instead. Just something to think about...


    September 09, 2010I agree totally with blacky. That black girl is super hot stuff.


    July 24, 2010Names?!


    July 23, 2010Look at the sexy black girl sucked a dick at 13:43 and 17:49. She was doing a deep throat? She been knew how to sucked a cock instead of “Learning”? If she was learning how to suck? She would have GAGGING, but she didn’t! (sexy two women)


    July 15, 2010WOW. I wish I could teach them!


    July 15, 2010Names, please...! Names!


    July 15, 2010black girls is very hot


    July 15, 2010Lucky bastard...!


    July 15, 2010oh yeah love them i aggree with u blacky


    July 14, 2010black girl would get itttt


    July 14, 2010I love black girls but its hard to find such a beautiful one :)


    July 14, 2010suck those balls.


    July 14, 2010she should squeeze his balls :D


    July 14, 2010oh ja!


    July 14, 2010they are so hott


    July 14, 2010omfg that blonde is so hott

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