Two dicks in one Pussy!

Two dicks in one Pussy!

Length:  8:04


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fifty footer

2014-03-25 07:25:06i want to fuck her so hard she won t be able to walk for a month


2013-11-10 14:32:40Fucking hot! Pure sweet sex!! If you don't like it don't watch it! That girl is beautiful.

Fucking lover

2013-02-19 21:55:33After seeing this video I just tried it with my boy friend and my fucking neighbor. It was great what we did diffrent from this video was we did it while i am laying down so they put their dicks side ways and it gave them to move their dicks as they want and each of them touches my boob. It was great we are gonna do it tonight I can wait


2013-02-04 19:29:19Leonie deine videos sind immer super jetzt sind wir schon so lange zusammen,ich finde es jedes mal süss wenn ich heim komme und du ein schönes essen vorbereitet hast wir essen wärend du die kamara einschaltest und dein neues sexvideo läuft dabei,denn rest zeigen wir später was wir da machen ok süsse!!!!


2012-10-30 12:57:00i would love to suck on both those hard cocks and drink thier hot thick cum.




2012-07-22 15:47:41i love you and i like you you want to porn and sex


2012-07-09 06:41:14lol what the fuck these comments


2012-06-04 06:10:25dirty-thirties wife; maybe for the woman its not gay, but for two men to get enjoyment from each other is gay as hell. no straight man would let another cock or an part of another mans body touch his. so yeah, gay as hell.


2012-04-04 20:11:02My boyfriend and I shared his friend. They took turns fucking my pussy while I was blind folded. I totally loved it. The only thing I wish they would have done was stick both their cocks in my pussy at the same time. But having them fill me up with their cum was nice. Can't wait to fuck them again :)


2012-03-10 21:00:30i want to lick all the cum off her pretty face.


January 29, 2013Leonie Saint


December 17, 2011I love seeing two or more dicks in one pussy. Especially when there is a simultaneous cream pie. That shit must feel so good. That pussy would be soo warm.


October 25, 2011dude, stop watching this movie.


October 04, 2011the most i like two cocks in pussy then licking boobs thats very nice

mhan mheat

October 01, 2011you are all soooo ful of SHIT!


September 15, 2011I am SO much in agreement with all the posters that like double vaginal. On those rare occasions when our boyfriend is actually fucking us and everything is going well, it is, by FAR, the best sexual experience I've ever had. And on those even rarer occasions when we can all come together simultaneously inside my wife . . . nirvana!


July 19, 2011Agree with dirty-thirties wife - especially about the creampie bit! There's a few videos on here that do just that and I keep going back to them because they turn me on so much and have me wet in under a minute.


July 16, 2011I wanna try this soo bad! Jus the htought of two huge cocks shoved Deep in my ight pussy makes my panties soak! I have both my dildos in watching this i wanna feel guys deep inside me as i orgasm


May 04, 20116.55 love that cock shooting cum on the other guy's cock as well as her face!


April 29, 2011I want two cocks in my pussy very badly, I squirt at the thought of both of them releasing their cock juices deep in my cunt!

She's hot

April 19, 2011I had to go get my vibrator. It's still shoved up my pussy

dirty-thirties wife

April 06, can you watch this video and your pussy not be soak and wet. The two cocks inside a pussy is soo NOT gay! They are fucking the girl and if their cock rubbing up on the other cock adds enjoyment then even better!! Thats probaly half the reason I want to try this sooo bad knowing there are two cocks rubbing away at each other in my pussy. BTW...this would have been soo much hotter if they would have creampied her fucking hot!!

Anonymous Viewer

March 14, 2011Thats kinda gay... but its okay if thats what you like... im a girl btw.

hung husband

March 04, 2011no theDude i love sharingmy wifes hot tight pussy with my hung buddies the feel of another studs cock rubbing your own meat is really hot!!

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