Two Cocks In One Blonde's Pussy

Two Cocks In One Blonde's Pussy

Length:  5:59


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dvp love

2014-02-10 20:09:22i wish i have frends like them looks a oasic orgasms woooww

DVP lover

2013-10-31 14:22:14Oh my... my friends and his wife already told me to do this with them, for sure its gonna be hot and i may cum hard


2013-05-19 17:22:23I ant t men to suck off and pour their hit jizz down my throat.thee men ae etter but two is fine.


2013-01-07 01:50:56nice but i don't do in my life


2012-10-03 09:25:28It's a great feeling, your cock rubbing against another guys as your both going for it together in a nice tight pussy and when you both cum wow that is an amazing feeling as your cock is lubricated with another guys sperm as well as your own and the girls orgasm.

dv fun fan

October 10, 2011i would be love one of those guys for one of the throbbing cocks in that juisy pussy, oh my it must be and bi feeelll grreeaat moaning and coming all together

Hard Mike 55

July 10, 2011Love to do DP in the pussy I bet the feeling of sliding in and out of a wet pussy plus the shafts of both cocks rubbing up against one another has to feel amazing! And not I am not Gay or Bi but just seems like it would feel really good!


June 23, 2011purplehaze is a dreamin' needle dick bug fucker!


February 19, 2011She likes to get cum all up in her face....I could of given her more cum than the 2 of them together! lol


January 15, 2011nice vid but i don't want to touch another guy's junk


January 11, 2011Southindycock WIsh I was one of the guys...I love DP! ***YOU like DP in YOUR ASS!


November 30, 2010Loved watching this. Tried it and was very very pleasurable. I came twice - once lying down and then doggie. Their cocks made me reach ecstasy never experienced before.

DVP lover

2013-10-31 14:22:50very hot


September 03, 2010WIsh I was one of the guys...I love DP!

DV King

September 01, 2010Good Girl!!!


August 31, 2010Love being a sandwich between two black guys.......

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