Tori Black Loves To Suck Cock

Tori Black Loves To Suck Cock

Length:  6:54


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2014-02-07 02:57:38Amazing... he coated her tongue AND covered half of her face with his cum!


2013-11-27 01:48:48Does anyone know where i can find a picture from this woooonderful scene - with her face full of that huge load of cum?

Julie Lynn

2013-10-03 15:51:50Nothing makes me feel hornier than my man dumping his hot creamy load on my face after I've sucked him. I love hot sperm on and in me.


2013-09-16 18:09:03Tori Black wins. Fatality @6:35


2013-09-16 09:51:31what a load!


2013-08-17 11:19:03That was awsome wish my gf had no gag reflex

Mr. Grinch

2013-08-15 07:22:12Oh my God..

dave the cuckold

2013-07-15 08:41:27She looks like my wife, AND behaves like her when she has Martin by her side; Martin is a big strong blond stud!


2013-07-11 19:10:05kik me girls hot_bwoy


2013-06-15 16:08:51I can suck my own dick and I think it's turned me into a bi-sexual. I'm not physically attracted to males but I really want to suck a cock. The only type of porn I watch now is blowjobs and sometimes shemale (if I'm lucky enough to actually find something good) but Mr.Facial is the best channel, every video is great and exactly what I want, an attractive female and a nice hard dick with loads of cum. One day I'll give a real blowjob to somebody other than myself. These videos make me a little jealous sometimes > .

Enya W

2013-09-27 18:41:11Well,'re either very flexible or hung. Very hung. Either way, I'm very curious. I'm not a tranny, but I am a crossdresser and I love to suck and have my cock sucked. Maybe we can arrange a 69 some time!


2013-06-15 12:43:38I want her to suck my cock all day long!!!

Forevermore tits

2013-06-10 18:04:29Epic!


2013-05-12 17:38:48Some suck my pussy..


2013-05-07 12:22:01Who Is the girl? She is hot.


2013-07-29 12:05:58It is Tori Black


2013-04-27 11:53:34Oh+yeah+have+any+of+you+ever+watch+blackporn


2013-03-24 22:28:58Wow she almost sucked out his soul. I bet that was the best nut in his life. Whoever marries her will be humbled from her mouth

Enya W.

2013-03-05 18:22:48@Thomas That's funny because I would sell my soul to be the one sucking that juicey cock!


2013-03-02 23:21:56l+am+a+hot+blondde+waiting+to+get+wild+plus+i+have+big+tits


2013-03-02 23:20:36im+a+hot+blonde+waiting+to+get+wild+plus++i+have+big++tits


2013-02-27 18:46:20Nice sized cock,I love uncircumsized dicks and that cumshot!!!I have never seen wads of semen that thick Wow that was great!!!!


2013-02-26 11:25:42Who+is+this+woman?!


2013-02-23 01:09:48hate it


2013-02-20 22:26:52I would sell my soul to be the guy in the vid getting sucked off. Wow if God were a girl she is God.

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