This big black guy makes this white girl cum so hard, she squirts

This big black guy makes this white girl cum so hard, she squirts

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    2013-12-29 22:07:02dam


    2013-10-16 16:06:25I wish that was me... Looking up and waiting for that fountain of cum to shower my mouth!!! I doo love black Cock!!!

    >< lol

    2013-08-14 01:40:39LOL Cytheria squirts ALL the matter who does her


    2013-06-04 15:54:14Was fucking a black friend at the pool. In the shallow end on a towel. He fucked me hard and deep. He was going to pull out and cum and I told him please don't, give it to me and boy did he cum in me. He told me I was the first white woman that let him shoot his load inside them. I laughed and told him don't worry honey there will be more of us that want your hot sperm deep inside us. He didn't know what to say and I kissed him and told him including me my dear. I told him how sexy he was and what a beautiful looking cock and pair of balls he had and that I want them anytime you can give it to me. He fucked me hard again and it was better than the first if that was possible. When he pulled out of me the second time I was leaking his precious seed into the pool. I found me a nice young BBC and I want to keep him. I am in my 40's


    2013-05-18 11:52:52unreal

    I'm a girl

    2013-02-05 23:09:23It made me cum watching it


    2013-09-08 05:44:32ill make you cum watching it

    so fucking horn

    2013-01-07 21:17:08black men are the best


    2012-11-04 06:38:53U HAVE TO GIVE ME A FUCK

    lust man

    2012-10-25 05:23:13pussy so wetttt


    2012-09-23 14:08:29That's what my man does to me... makes me squirt and cum all over his hot black cock....ladies if you have never tried a black man....DO IT.....i will never go back. The texture of their cock is wonderful to feel and their hot cum is delicious and usually gallons of it.


    2012-09-19 05:19:33I think the guy is Ben.


    2012-04-21 05:30:28why did he dodge her squirting? he should've just kept his cock in her.


    2012-03-16 18:57:23He could slip that black cock in me any time


    February 05, 2012Off load inside her while she squirts. Boy what a way to go?

    dee ann

    January 30, 2012he is a cutie


    October 01, 2011That's just water that was pumped into her pussy for show. Brian Pumper is soooo HOT!


    August 15, 2011damn i never saw that before the video would've been better if he let her cum on his dick but the whole point was to see her cum squierting out of her pussy the girls heats up quick too love it. fuck till we both pass out


    July 20, 2011AWESOME!.. LUV it.. Watched it on mute tho


    July 10, 2011natalie portman?


    June 30, 2011Just a heads up for guys everywhere, when I squirt it's just from the pressure, I'm not actually cumming.


    June 24, 2011I like this, only got to the girl receiving oral before I came, but I wish they both would shut the fuck up. The video would be better if they silenced both of them and put some music on.


    June 15, 2011I actually HATE this guy! What a vain, squirt dodging oaf. Talks a load of shite too. Who, in their right mind, would AVOID Cytheria's cum squirts? She, as ever, is sublime... in a trashy kinda way.


    May 15, 2011she squirts well i wouldve taken it like a man...


    May 15, 2011where is this guy give me his numbers want to fuck him ....hard mhmmm

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