the best deep throat and swallow

the best deep throat and swallow

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    2014-04-12 15:43:16Oh shit!!! That would blow my fucking mind to have that done to me! Need to find a willing participant like that!!!


    2014-02-11 07:15:46keep it in the hands until point reached, and there she goes, those few seconds all happened inside her throat! i thought i knew what is blowjob until i see this today.

    her hubby

    2013-12-10 17:45:20love the way she takes it down her throat once he starts coming and finishes him off. leaves something on her face for me to lick off and swallow while she shoves her tongue down my throat.


    2013-11-04 23:30:38girls got skills like this are very rare, that is very impressive shit right there, damn i gotta DL this to my girl as education documentary

    mr mandingo1979

    2013-10-31 15:31:43wow...... i wish i had a blowjob like that given to me......women who can do that are so rare to find


    2013-10-29 07:11:56My beautiful girl did that to me last weekend and I cannot wait for her to swallow my load tonight. Inspirational.


    2013-09-13 07:21:04Best deepthroat ever


    2013-09-02 12:57:53I will doggy fuck her as she suck head and she can swallow my cum too


    2013-09-02 11:50:43top cock sucker YES


    2013-09-01 14:09:53wow now that's sucking cock and swallowing cum, can she do me as well

    Mr. Brooke Sr.

    2013-08-29 20:39:48I've never wanted to post a comment on a porn website before. I've never watched a porn and thought, "I wanna leave a comment."...until now... This girl is a FUCKING CHAMP. She really likes sucking cock ( Or is GREAT at faking it ) but to Heather Brooke I say to you, DONT STOP SWALLOWING RANDOM GUYS LOADS...IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD FOR A SECOND...


    2013-08-11 22:35:28where lass put it all amazing


    2013-08-10 06:57:12hot

    Mr. Pottymouth

    2013-07-24 14:52:33Heather Brooke is the undeniable QUEEN of deepthroat!


    2013-07-17 06:31:08Damn!


    2013-06-16 16:57:40Haha that guy got OWNED at 51 seconds


    2013-03-31 06:40:05I have watched my wife blow guys like this, even my friends. She loves it, I love it and they love it. Could not get better than to be married to a super beautiful slut.


    2013-02-21 14:55:00OMG! I wish that was me today. Amazing!


    2013-01-27 16:04:22Oh. My. God. I want one like her.


    2013-01-11 01:02:30I want to marry this girl !


    2012-11-27 14:32:38Damn, I would LOVE to worship his cock! SO fine!


    2012-11-12 21:42:01need a bj from her


    2012-11-09 16:38:57Super video - tres excitante ...


    2012-09-21 05:47:10I really just came in like... less than a minute with that


    2012-08-29 04:49:15Well she can give one hell of a bj she gave her guy. Dude do you share you woman if so when she is done doing you I will be next in line. She did take you load down and maybe she would like take anthor big load.

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