Teen Amateur Throat Fuck

Teen Amateur Throat Fuck

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2014-04-18 21:34:16now that's what you call a bulging deepthroat blowjob we need to see more of this great job.


2014-03-10 20:07:19Great camera angle at start. Not so good near end.


2014-02-24 21:35:31There's a chick who knows her purpose in life...A++++

H. Stern

2014-02-22 14:39:22That's One way to Clear a clog Throat !!


2014-02-12 20:38:22holy fuck he literally does fuck her throat, and she's gorgeous too! she should make more videos


2014-01-17 22:09:18looks to me like the poor guy can" even get a real hard on


2013-11-20 21:05:05I think he wants to marry her..


2013-10-21 20:53:15fuck she is a good cock sucker!!! and he has a nice cock


2013-10-20 11:54:22Yeah,she's good,great when you see the cock going down her throat,you see the bulge at the side! Would love to see her naked taking his cock in her pussy as well.


2013-10-14 19:10:40Your a sweetheart. Wish I would have meet u in my life.


2013-08-11 23:23:56OMG I love her. So cute and innocent looking but she can take cock like a pro.


2013-04-27 22:17:10She knows how to work her throat ;)


2013-04-07 17:58:38Just think, one day fifty years from now she'll pull out this video and says to the grandchildren "look what Grandma was able to do when she was young." It will be great family memories.


2013-03-10 10:08:31this girl nows what she's doing ;)


2013-02-25 21:02:22they are made for each other... she was made to deepthroat and his dick has a deepthroatable shape

I want that

2012-12-23 09:23:59Very talented girl!

phat pat

2012-12-10 05:58:31I would love to shove dick in her face with feel holding her hair


2012-11-28 20:56:34I sure would love to feed a load down her throat...what a talent!..pretty and talented..and no gag reflex...marry me!


2012-11-04 22:42:15All dat all dat


2012-10-20 06:23:44OMG, this girl is AWESOME! I'd love to have a girlfriend like this.

cuck finn

2012-10-02 15:40:02i didn't know my wife could do this til one of our biker friends and i took her to a motel for some fun. she laid back on the bed and i started eating her pussy to get it ready for his big cock. he straddled her face and she started sucking on the head of his super thick cock as i licked and watched. in a few minutes of this, he slid his cock down her throat til all i could see was his balls bouncing on her chin. she went crazy, humping her slippery cunt against my face while he fucked her mouth faster and faster til he shoved it all the way in and pumped his load right down her throat. i wasn't sure he'd come til afterwards when she told me what a huge load he'd fed her. i kissed her and stuck my tongue as far as i could into her mouth, then she sucked me off and swallowed another big load. great night!


2012-09-14 16:20:57where are all the women that can do this?????? would love to find one!


2012-09-14 00:10:45You can actually see dick deep in the throat


2012-09-05 07:59:17A little bit of suffering would be kinda natural. This is strange, yet great.


2012-08-28 12:38:06super super

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