Teasing Nuru Massage p.2/2

Teasing Nuru Massage p.2/2

Length:  3:41


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Love that massage

2013-04-29 08:15:56I get so hard watching this that I have to try.its so erotic I love it


2013-03-13 14:20:05I was in Japan to teach a couple of classes to a subsidiary company, and the local manager there had me set up in a small privately-owned hotel. At first, I was a little disappointed, but soon realized what a neat place it was. Each room was a bit different with room colors, etc. I got in late, but the young lwoman behind the counter took me directly to my room, doing her best to explain things although her English was a little tough to understand at times. She told me she would be back shortly to make the bed, but to make myself comfortable... so while I was in the bathroom, she turned on the tv. When I came out of the bathroom, I noticed the tv had been tuned in to the local porn station. When she came back to my room, she noticed I had been watching the channel. She was wearing a robe, which she took off, and I noticed that she was wearing a small white top and bottom. She told me to get undressed, get in the tub, she came in and washed me... very sexy. Then she dried me off, brought me back out into the room, and I noticed that she had unrolled a mat and she told me to lie down on it. She got out a little bowl of scented oil, started rubbing me down, and I almost jumped out of my skin, it was very sensual. I was already hard from the bath, but this made it worse. She then took off the little white outfit and started this massage. The one differeence she did, which I understand isn't suppose to happen, was that she pulled my dick into her pussy, and I shot my wad about 3 times in 10 minutes. She knew how to work it. I then laid her on my bed and ate her pussy, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and when she orgasmed from that, she pulled me on on her, put her legs over my shoulders and put my dick into her pussy. We fucked for over an hour, and she had 4 orgasms during that time, making them a very long drawn out experience. I shot my wad 4 ties, trying to match her orgasms. The next day, at the training site, the training manager asked me about my experience (which is customary there) and I told him eerything, and he nodded and said, very good, you got the top treatment. I definitely agreed... it was very top notch.


2012-10-17 02:39:11wow


2012-03-29 11:51:04such a dream girl. would love to see her have anal.


September 16, 2011so frickin hot..wanna cum


July 28, 2011wow...


March 14, 2011how much hotmasseur?


October 19, 2010wow ..this gimme idea to provide slimy body massage to my male clients!!!

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