Suck those BIG black dicks

Suck those BIG black dicks

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    rod long

    2013-08-22 16:04:13I wanna facefuck that big tit blonde until I blow cum all over her face and those tits!


    2013-03-02 22:35:41My wife is waiting for you, black guys...


    2013-03-01 09:24:00Nobodys gonna say anything about homeboy wearin' socks and sandals? Okay... :/


    2013-01-30 08:43:06i am white guy and after watching this i would like to have a big black cock in my ass

    April espinoza

    2013-01-25 02:30:14Those are some big tites I wish I could touch them


    2013-01-13 22:20:113 big black cocks inside me! And i love their cum!


    2012-07-24 08:20:35I am a straight white male, that has always fantasized about sucking on a BIG BLACK COCK...I finally got my wish, and the experience was much better than I had dreamed or imagined!!!...Now I am really wanting more...and I want to get so hot & so nasty...Am I now gay??...I thought it was so hot, licking & sucking a soft dick, and getting it nice & hard in my mouth...I was so turned on, and felt so nasty!!...These cocks look so tasty & delicious...The one I sucked was so beautiful and big...9.5 inches...Can I suck yours??!!


    2012-07-23 22:34:18i wanna get fucked like this..fuck me. fuck me hard boys! god im so fucking wet!


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    2012-02-12 00:18:42lliliana!

    luv to suck dick guy

    2012-02-11 17:01:13gimme dem big black cocks, I wanna suck 'em dry, savor, and swallow all da cum


    2012-02-11 06:30:11My fave video. I just luv her. She's fabulous and so wish I was in her place sucking and fucking those BBCs.


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    January 02, 2012i love candy cotton feet

    sexy kitten

    December 11, 2011I love watchin porn so much...great after a long day at work to drink a beer and fuck myself while watchin porn. This shit was soooo hot! Def a new fav!! ;)


    December 06, 2011candy cotton is hot :o


    August 16, 2011ur vagina doesnt get "bigger" it gets looser from the inside not out.. everyone has different vaginas obviously u haven't had any real experience.. she was born with that vagina like many other girls. this doesnt mean she's "loose" and it's hurtful for u to say its gross


    2014-01-06 06:36:14my wife love big cock black/whit and wen she as a black cock or 2 she is well tit and a beter fuck after she go like mad ater thats wy i leter do it wellbeter fuck after i loveit and she duse 2 i have a wellgood sex lift now


    August 15, 2011wow!! I want to be her!


    July 05, 2011drives me wild when girls love watchign this as much as i do


    June 21, 2011i did not think she was all that pretty unitl i seen her drenched in blackcum made her look great.


    May 25, 2011I miss Candy Cotton...I had her once as an escort at a hotel, by the look of her it was right around when this vid was made..She was wonderful.


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