Streaming and Shooting Cum. Spritzing.

Streaming and Shooting Cum. Spritzing.

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2014-04-04 16:38:33Amazing how much vids like this bring out the 'other side' of me... The one that must remain forever hidden from my wife....


2013-12-12 07:22:04Hi Penny, it's been a while! I've shot some great, shuddering loads of climactic bliss just reading your comments. Lying in bed and hurrying to get a gym sock over my throbbing hardness in time to catch it. It feels so good pumping out that thick semen and if the lights are on I can see it splashing against the inside of the sock and slowly seeping through.....feels so warm on my fingers on chilly nights, it would feel good with your pussy clamped tight around my shaft as each spurt shot up & out. I know you could feel it! Without a sock to cum in, it shoots a meter straight up in the air! But then I make a mess.... Much easier to just toss the cum-drenched sock in the laundry! :). I think I need to cum now. Will you do it with me?


2013-11-26 23:13:02Just wish he would put all of that on a DVD and sell it! Just cumming for an hour WOW


2013-11-13 05:49:39Wow que rica leche mmmm

Johnny gay knocks

2013-11-13 02:11:20I want that dick so fucking badly


2013-11-08 22:38:21Man...I think than he like A LOT this cumming...


2013-09-22 03:27:25My god the cum that man has,just put in my mouth so I can drink it


2013-09-04 15:28:32Me too. I come here often to watch this amazing performance of the male orgasm. My pussy tingles as I watch. I haved rubbed many out while watching this and his other videos. Truely amazing. Watching semen spurt from a hard cock is such a turn on for me ever since the first time I ever jacked a boy off as a teen. When he got off it just sprayed all over him and me. That is when I first smelled and tasted this pungent male fluid. I have been facinated by it ever since. This man is beyond the norm. I have been with some heavy cummers but not like this. He just keeps cumming and cumming like there is just an endless supply. I would love to meet someone with his ability. I believe these men are rare.


2013-10-14 04:25:19hi sara... i have similar abilities. wanna watch mee live/?


2013-08-04 01:45:09Oh my goodness! I have tried to stop watching this amazing video in recent months, but I have been helplessly drawn back to it. I do so yearn for a really rigid and purposeful cock to plunder its way into my pussy and give me a really thorough seeing-to. I know that there is supposed to be more to life than sex, but I do have difficulty in understaning what that is about! Frankly, I just want to experience the joy of feeling the vibrant stiffness of a man as he pushes into me. I want to feel the swelling of his cock as he approaches his orgasm, followed by the joy of his pulsations as he orgasms and sprays spurt after spurt of sperm into me like this man does. I am sure that I could not contain as much sperm as he produces, but I would love to feel it welling up and trickling out of my pussy and down my thighs. I never used to have these feelings until I lost my boyfriend and started watching naughty videos - but now I just want a nice man with a stiff cock to do utterly shameful and disgraceful things to me. But I live in the countryside, and it' a bit lonesome here. Heyho.


2013-07-18 22:27:48wow


2013-07-16 09:05:22Wahnsinn dich würd ich so lang lutschen bis dir kein einziger tropfen mehr rauskommt und des die ganze nacht und tag und immer


2013-06-02 05:51:55damn everytime i watch this vid my cock throbs so hard. ummm feels great


2013-07-21 01:12:19I hear ya.


2013-05-26 03:24:42Oh my god! What a load. Straight but I would take the lot

Ran D

2013-05-10 01:49:35Awesome how this magnificent cock rears up and pulses with each spurt. Would love to watch it cum inside my wife's pussy or either of our mouths! The "no hands" shows how incredibly aroused he is, which we both love in porn.


2013-04-09 16:45:08must be a p-spot ejaculation---in my mouth


2013-04-07 13:32:43Boy oh boy, that is almost unreal! What I wouldn't give to take a cumshot like this in my mouth and swallow it down.


2013-03-20 10:04:07spectacular load master, let me drink it


2013-02-21 20:39:11OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH HIS COCK


2013-02-03 09:30:25bibildo ... Don't be 'pee shy' join me in the shower for some wet fun followed by a great cum shower ♥♡♥


2013-01-18 20:42:42god, would i love to have that cock down my throat and swallowing all that cum. i had to cum just watching this. beautiful cock!!!!!!


2013-01-17 18:07:28I just hope Penny enjoyed this. I wish I could squirt like this guy just to satisfy Penny


2012-12-31 15:24:58shaun; i'm 'pee shy' i guess and a closet wanker so far- but this gets me juicin seein this and love to see huge cum on face and hair. i want it too...


2012-12-30 17:38:41bibildo .. whats stopping you? plenty of guys who would be only to willing to oblige ♥

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