So much white goo on this black sista

So much white goo on this black sista

Length:  4:58


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2013-06-25 18:55:01I was watching it but at the end I got a laugh xD


2013-06-13 13:19:32thats what blk girls r really good at, taking a load from a white guy


2012-07-14 13:16:34Her balls are massive


2012-03-08 13:49:25whats her name


January 18, 2012If a chicks fit ,sexy and up for it I dont care if shes black, white or sky blue pink


January 01, 2012he likes black

Mr Ezz

December 23, 2011No better site than watching your nut juice splatting on a black face.


December 22, 2011i love this generation he's fucking her in the mouth


November 12, 2011I wana put my dick in her mouth so bad


November 11, 2011i wish i had a black women blow my nine inch cock right now


October 18, 2011We all getting bored with black guy whoes banging the white chicks. It getting old and racism for black guy. So, we like seeing the best part is, white guys banging the hottie black chicks.

Ci 1978

October 14, 2011See how girls are when you first meet. They are full of hope and wonder.


October 02, 2011Misty Stone


September 18, 2011Sperm just looks better on the brown skin 'cos of the contrast but sperm on any woman always looks good - the more,the better.


September 16, 2011and i truely love black pussy

Black Vixen

September 14, 2011I love a pale cock. ;)


2013-08-22 14:34:51I love black pussy:-)

white dude

September 13, 2011So some of you do? The reason I ask is because I've always been confused about my fantasy. I know I'm not a racist or anything (I'm perfectly comfortable around black people), but it's so odd this thing turns me on. Maybe it's about my girlfriend banging someone who doesn't look like me (like it becomes extra humiliating and therefore more of a turn-on)?

dans l'orne

September 13, 2011ca c'est des suceuse ces femmes la


September 12, 2011woww


September 11, 2011To be for real ,yes some black guys do fantasize about seeing their black women being fucked by white guys.I know i do..

white dude

September 11, 2011All right, thanks for clarifying that. We certainly fantasize about you guys banging white girls :-)

Good dude

September 09, 2011Yea tonsee how small white guys dicks are....

Black Dude

September 09, 2011No black dudes don't fantasize about white guys banging black girls. We are curious as to how black girls respond to being jizzed on or whatever by white guys.

white dude

September 09, 2011do black guys fantasize about their women being banged by white guys?

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