smoking hot 18yo gets first big cock

smoking hot 18yo gets first big cock

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2014-03-31 23:29:39I need a man like this in my life


2014-03-31 14:24:07So incredible girl..wooooow


2014-03-18 09:55:13not only does he wash her BEAUTIFUL face but he gives her a SHAMPOO. SWING thoses TITS on more vids DOLL

teen slut

2014-02-25 10:04:11she loved that big dick, I would have


2014-02-14 04:46:48He keeps having to spit in his hand for lube and putting it on his dick. She's not even wet. It just proves my point that she's faking her orgasms. The amount of times she "came" she'd be well lubed if it was real.


2014-02-03 21:25:10Hi Alecia in great britain.


2013-12-27 02:16:58ok sofia i fuck u.....

Bill P

2013-12-21 03:27:53Is that Gronk


2013-12-15 11:25:14I think April O'Neil likes to be gotten off! what a perfect fuck this be. i adore her bust. i take quite a while to cum but looking at that big dick i surprisingly squirt just after the video ended.


2013-11-26 20:45:13I don't think she came once. She faked it. Trust me a girl knows. I'd definitely cum if he fucked me. I'd be sure to get mine!!!


2013-10-14 20:33:08I move more than she does, scream louder and I have multiple orgasms. A cock doesn't have to big to be good, but I like the big cocks.


2013-10-14 20:24:50I like this video! I am an older black man and I've been there, done that. If you young, black studs don't think there are white men with big cocks, just watch this video


2013-10-03 18:14:00I like this video very much! Maybe I'll come back and watch one more time!


2013-09-13 05:29:04My step brothers friend is a real man. I did not know cocks came that large. My step brother has a decent size cock but some of the boys I have had sex with will have to grow up now. We want to have anal sex sometime but I am going to have to prepare my ass with a lot of lube and relax with my dildo.

Miss S

2013-08-20 05:31:31As in having her fanny waxed?


2013-07-21 04:02:23She has great Hollywood potential


2013-06-30 19:42:39get your ccna and feed your family


2013-06-29 05:18:36There is a woman i would love to make love to like this who lives not far from where i live only problem is she is married

Mrs Bunt

2013-06-26 14:04:17he is hot and a good lover but its disrespectful to cum on her face like that


2013-06-11 06:26:04hes bruce venture

Oh my

2013-05-30 08:50:08Damn that was hot... Love to see a woman enjoying a good fuck.


2013-05-29 you like to think/talk about someone fucking your wifr? Me too, and I have lived it out, however I wasn't there when they did it.....Hotel room with her 12th grade 'bf"......thing was he was 31 and married and it has happened at least once since we were married...then she was 38 and he was 50,,,,,,,,Let's talk about it if it turns you on like it does me...Damn I'm getting hard now......


2013-05-27 16:01:13I have vagina orgasms like that - my hands move like that but I don't scream like she does, LOL. Damn that man is HOT! I would be cumming all over his hot cock!


2013-05-20 13:30:38somebody fuck me, please.


2013-06-05 04:48:12can i ?

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