Smoking Erotica - Smoking Fetish

Smoking Erotica - Smoking Fetish

Length:  10:54


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2014-03-16 01:06:34Great wanking video


2013-10-16 23:03:01I keep coming back to this video... Simply the best! Anyone know who this hot girl is?


2013-09-27 15:18:20nice.....


2013-06-08 04:15:20As someone who doesn't really share the smoking/fucking fetish, I must say this guy does some extremely erotic videos. He really knows his fetish. I really like the way he stylizes the movements, and how he makes sure the elements complement. He also gets some EXTREMELY sexy women who either partly share the fetish - or are very good actresses. Either way, some sexy shit here - great job.


2013-05-04 17:25:08Would have liked to see her smoking with a load of sperm on her face


2012-03-31 14:21:23Who is this girl? I want more of her.. her accent turns me on.. She is so sexy..the best.. she makes me cum so much.. yummy! I would love to meet this girl..


2012-03-30 12:54:37i love the way she looks at me while i stroke my cock..


2012-03-28 13:04:12this is the sexiest video on the net. this girl turns me on for sure... no question...


2012-02-23 15:27:09I'm going to have to have my blonde chubby smoking girlfriend watch this! Its hot!Have her pound on my cock while she puts her cigarette to her very thick and full lips and exhales slowly for me! Big titties bouncing as I cum in her!

Mary Pavic

February 01, 2012That's hot! ;o)


December 01, 2011I love this porn for some reason. It turns me on so much. That guy knows how to fuck. It's not always about in out, in out. It's about the little motions too! Very hot.


November 03, 2011Man, I'd like to give it to her that way too. And her tits are just lovely, I'd love to fondle those. :D


September 06, 2011Wow

Bigger fuckinglord

August 02, 2011I did too tonight


July 25, 2011Very nice but kinda boring


June 02, 2011Good actress, but shame that's all there's to it. Acting


June 02, 2011Sex kills =)


May 15, 2011whats good about this is that much is left to imagination. for the most part you don't see his dick inside her but you know its there by the way she reacts to it


May 06, 2011do you need a model for new flims ?


May 03, 2011that ilke to try too looks very sex


April 27, 2011What is her name? I love her tits, so hot.


April 17, 2011i just fucked myself with my dildo and smoked a marlboro over this sexy girl i love smoking as i orgasm i also like watching videos of girls shitting thier pants i also shit my pants while i watch them shit and rub it all over my tits


April 17, 2011i dont even smoke but i always watch this movie and smoke while im jerking off, she is sexy


March 30, smoking and love fucking..if i can do both and have a fag while a guy is pumping me like that would be so nice..wish i was the girl. and i wish i will find one day someone that will let me have a smoke during sex without going pissed for that.


March 14, 2011I don't know what it is about women who smoke, they just really turn me on - even though i'd never smoke. Her tits are the nicest i've ever seen.

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