She wants his cock

She wants his cock

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    As Girl(stuent)

    2014-03-05 15:09:05I am young college girl not married nor virgin.My virginty were broken by circumised penis. Being a girl (unmarried) I can say here with proud thatevery young girls or womens are crazy to see cock of her boyfriend or life partners and when any girl tested the cock pleasure through fucking she more crazy fo penis, and if her friend cock is not upto the mark of her choot, surely she may be try or in search of a cock which may be hard, strong, fat and stay long time in her choot and keep her pussy happy. Every girls have wish that her fucker cock must be fine, hard and strong no one like soft cock. My friend who is hardly 23 yrs and I am 20 yrs. His cock is perfect for me and i am fully satisfied with his cut cock and always wants to see it or hold in my soft hand .


    2013-12-29 06:45:05Guy- yes! Billie Piper!! I was thinking that too xD


    2013-12-01 12:58:26why can't they find a guy that actually knows how 2 eat pussy

    Bad Brad

    2013-09-12 01:22:58I've been caught sniffing undies quite a few times by their owners and only once has it never led to sex.Most girls are turned on by men sniffing their panties as all the comments show so girls keep leaving your dirty undies laying around!!!!!!!!!


    2013-05-29 05:41:42monster


    2013-04-17 20:06:21Cinderella is awesome!


    2013-04-13 14:16:13Does anyone else have getting a post to post?


    2012-11-06 01:47:42nice story


    2012-11-02 17:42:07I went to one of my client to pick up her dirty clothes. Since my errand girl is sick. So i will be the one to,pickup dirty clothes. When i doorbell on her unit. I was surprised to see that most of her clothes are scattered on the floor....she told me that she and his bf got a fight. So she threw all her dirty to her bf who storm out of her unit. While picking up her dirty clothes. I saw one of her panty, i dont know what come to me and sniff it. Mynclient saw and smile and said thats dirty. Probablynit smells bad. Then to my surprise she lift her skirt and remove her panty and threw it to me. And say whybdont you smell this one. Its just new and freah. I feel so horny to what i saw and said, i dont. Want to smell. Your panty but your pussy. Then i came near her and kneel infront of the chair where she was sitting. Automatically she spread her legs and grab my head and said, its all yours smell and lick it as long as you want. The next thing we knew, we are both naked n the floor, fucking each other....

    Bill Walker

    2012-10-06 13:15:41see hows he taken a good huff from those panties. long haired guy seemed troubled at first, yet he fucks her like a pro. nice vid.


    2012-09-20 16:42:01Who is he??


    2012-07-14 23:37:22Great awesome pussy! Like an fresh fruit. Piece of meat! =) Horny flesh!

    Scott Walker

    2012-04-19 08:26:22There is something missing in this picture... Me!


    2012-03-08 12:59:16Uh huh, fuck yeah, Uh huh, fuck yeah, Uh huh, fuck yeah, Uh huh, fuck yeah, Uh huh, fuck yeah...learn some new words!

    Lil Lisa

    2012-02-17 20:32:56@ Kristy--Great advise girl -I left my panties laying in the washroom floor where my roomy's bf could find them and he took the bait.Within hours of him sniffing them he was down flicking his tongue on my swollen clit getting me ready to fuck.


    2012-02-11 06:05:13yes aha yes aha euheu yes lol its like she is talking to someone on phone


    March 23, 2012Lil Lisa, it certainly worked for me when my friends boyfriend stayed for a few days, gorgeous guy too. Left my panties in the bathroom and he picked them up for a quick sniff as he entered and I followed him in and he got quite defensive when he saw me but I just went over to him, snatched them off him and asked if would like to see the ones that I was wearing now, silly question as I lifted my skirt he pulled them down and we ended up naked fucking each other like wild animals, good job my gf was out at the time.


    January 23, 2012oh sssh


    January 15, 2012ill sniff any of your girls panties anyday

    Me what?

    January 06, 2012Id fuck all you hot bitches-megusta-


    November 30, 2011i love the bad i dont have a step sis...


    November 18, 2011Usually listed under the name Cinderella


    October 31, 2011thanks for the tip Kristy.


    October 30, 2011I soon learned that a man can't resist sniffing a pair of panties if they are laying on the floor.Hell I use them as bait anytime I want to fuck someone I leave them laying where they can see them and if they have been moved then he's been sniffing them.It works everytime.


    October 05, 2011this is one of my dirtiest fantasies. unfortunately, i don't have a stepbrother but i wouldn't be averse to roleplaying if the guy fucks me like this!

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