shaving my pussy

shaving my pussy

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    2012-07-10 14:26:36Oh my god!! I know this girl. She was in my high school!! o.o


    2012-06-21 19:35:06I knew this girl in highschool (Freshman year) that sat behind me. I over her her that she want to get rid of her female mustache. The nexted day I brought her in shaving cream and a razor. I told her after school I would show her how to shave her female mustache. We went back to her sisters place to be alone. I showed her how to shave her female mustache, hairs on her boobs, and hairy bush. I shaved her all the four years in highschool.Her female mustache got hairy, more hair on boobs, and a very hairy bush.Today she is a very hairy chick.


    May 11, 2011agh, trim before you shave girl! that musta hurt!


    April 08, 2011Seriously? This must be the dullest razor in creation. Maybe she should try shaving with a soda cracker. Probably work better!


    March 20, 2011i love her "oh-oh,oh-oa"


    March 09, 2011Who is she and where can I see more?


    January 28, 2011this pussy is much to awesome to shave it! I luv blonde hair down there!


    January 13, 2011i like that girl and want to shave her cute pussy :)


    November 30, 2010so gross


    November 10, 2010do mor shaving and yous your shaveer the end on musturbat with it


    November 05, 2010this is sorta nasty, not sexy

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