Sexy Business Woman Gets Fucked

Sexy Business Woman Gets Fucked

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2014-03-19 22:22:47At 6:10 the wrong hand was guiding the erect penis into the vagina. It was his and not hers. Bad choice, porn movie maker.


2014-01-06 10:54:20where's the estate agents and is that slut divorced stil 'cos i've got an aching cock full of cum?


2013-12-18 13:26:05Love the panties on this hot whore. Sexy vid. Would have been better if she got her nice tits out completely and have them bounce and swing while she was fucked


2013-11-24 19:10:02Isn't it cute how a husband and wife can make a video and pawn it off as a guy screwing a realtor while buying a house.....I have to admit, I love her pussy, would be a nice cum receptacle..


2013-10-31 03:07:47I would fuck this lovely piece of ass until I was unconscious! I want her to suck her hot creamy cunt and then bury my stiff cock inside her until she drains all my cum.


2013-10-20 20:39:39Yay


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2013-07-02 05:47:01Nice pussy


2013-05-24 18:44:01llove it

horny oz

2013-05-20 13:57:39The amount of times i have cum over this video must be over a hundred! kelly u are the most sexiest girl in the world


2013-05-08 22:25:14At the end of the fellatio, there could have been a scene where SHE put HIS cock into HER pussy. There was none. Typical video.


2012-12-29 18:37:58lovely ass in pretty panties. I'd eat her pussy with a spoon and then bury my cock inside.


2012-11-01 00:48:08I'll be your realtor if you give me a deposit daily :)


2012-07-15 17:52:51thats hwo the business is done :P

screw you

2012-06-25 09:02:43Thousands of horny chicks and i never meet one.


2012-06-20 02:50:46@big fat woman,lots of guys are into that and as horny as the guys here are i think we would all fuck you at the same time sweetheart and i know youd like it. everyone deserves to be fucked hunny


2012-05-25 15:16:52If you want be fucked like her, be like a slut in the bed


2012-05-12 07:18:42fuck the house fuck her


2012-03-28 13:11:40name?


2012-03-20 18:58:49If I bought a house from her, can I put my dick in her mouth too?


January 16, 2013When I bought my first house at age 23, the female agent was pretty nice looking (age 40 or so) and she was showing me several houses. She kept bumping into me when we walked around the houses, but I liked it so figured she just might be a little klutsy. We looked at 4 houses the first day, she took notes on what I liked, what I didn't, etc, then said she would pull together more houses later that week and we could go look at those. I said good idea. As I was leaving, she gave me a big hug and it dawned on me that she was a horny woman. She called a couple days later, and I dressed more comfortable this time, shorts and shirt with moccasins (commando style). She wore a skirt that was more flowing, and a button blouse that was almost see through. During the first house walk through, she bumped into me, I grabbed her and we started making out. Her hand went immediately to my hard and I cupped her ass and pulled her hard against me. After we kissed a bit, she wanted to know if she could take off her jacket as she was hot. She had no bra and her nipples were standing up, I nibbled them through her blouse and we wound up on a bed upstairs, fucked with much gusto. After we cleaned up a bit, she apologized for not being professional, and I told her that I enjoyed her being more natural. We fucked in all the houses that day and then decided to go out to dinner that night, going back to her house and fucking some more. I bought one of the houses the following week, and after I had it refurbished some, she came over as the sole house warming guest and we fucked more. I still see her some now, and that's been 4 years ago. I now own a place in the country which she pointed me to, and she comes out for some R&R when she can. Love these older women.


January 19, 2012con esa ena y la fuerza Inca resultado un buen video xxx

Mother fucker

January 11, 2012Damn what a nice pussy ..


December 15, 2011I wud fuk dat bitch.


December 10, 2011MMmmmm! Sexy woman and I'd love to wear her clothes, AFTER she shows me a new house!!

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