Sex Ed: How To Give Her G-Spot Orgasms

Sex Ed: How To Give Her G-Spot Orgasms

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2013-07-30 18:38:23My last girlfriend was OBSESSED with the idea but she was too (for want of a better term) up tight about it. Every time she would be in a position for me to be hitting the g-spot she would complain that it was too tight? I have no idea if this was just her or if this is a thing that happens often. I HAVE however given a different girl a g-spot orgasm prior to this (alas I was too clueless to realise this was what I had achieved). This was both while she was on top and while I had her legs on my shoulders. It did result in some squirting (which to a clueless 18 year old was an interesting experience). Definitely possibly and I agree that it's got a lot to do with being relaxed and letting go. A handy tip is massages!!! Even if it doesn't help it improves your chances of having a second go at it =p


2012-08-24 06:11:31got my girlfriend to have one the other day while she was rubbing her clit she lost control


2012-06-24 18:40:21Yes, I had some g spot orgasms and they're the best... you loose control, but you left your self go... and that's an incredible feeling when you squirt...


2012-06-15 20:10:43I have a harder time acheiving a clitoral orgasm than a G-spot orgasm. How do i get him to stimulate me properly for the clitoral orgasm when I have this kind of difficulty?


June 24, 2011how to make a girl squirt


June 06, 2011i can make my penis move up and down with no hands and it works to stimulate the g spot


April 11, 2011Yes she has thanks to me.


April 05, 2011yes my gf has experience this type of orgasm, through regular intercourse, apparently i know what i'm doing ;-) of course i know she is always very arroused and very comfortable


March 12, 2011I have been with my partner for 3 years and have only managed to have a g spot orgams once. I'd had a few glasses of wine, the mood was right, the setting...everything. There was a lot of kissing a foreplay so I was very aroused first...that's really important and it was the most intimate sex ever. Everything we did came naturally, no a dozen position changes and hard pumping. It was slow and there was a lot of caressing. It was the best thing I had ever experienced, almost like an out of body experience. We've struggled to do it since, i usually orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Probably because we are both trying to reach that goal and concentrating on the g spot so I am not completely letting go, I'm focusing too hard. But I'd encourage every girl to just let the man do their thing and relax and enjoy it, it really! I want more, nothing will ever come close!


February 22, 2011What other kind've orgasms are there? I thought the g-spot orgasm was the only kind for a women.


February 13, 2011want to have a gspot orgasm so bad but have never been able to... maybe some of us just can't...


February 06, 2011Yes definitly had one of those....and advice to guys it usually happens when you are more relaxed aswell


January 12, 2011a practical example would be nicer ;) BTW nice tits


January 02, 2011I've never had a g spot orgasm.


November 03, 2010yes i have had a gspot orgasm. This may sound weird but he was fucking me as if he loved me. He was taking his time and going really slow. It felt as if he was taking the time to really get to know my body. Next thing I knew i felt this strong sensation as if I had to urinate and felt that way for about 5 minutes until i eventually came. I started shaking uncontrollably, and felt a mixture of feelings i wanted to laugh, cry, and scream all at once. I felt a roller coaster of emotions but it felt good :)


October 28, 2010My bf gives me g-spot orgasms all the time. And just like Holiday says up there ^ I have one after another and then I'm exhausted. He puts in his 2 middle fingers and starts slow and gets faster and faster while pulling up with his fingers as I lie on my back. He gets going so good sometimes that he almosts lifts my ass off of the bed, then I explode and if he keeps going, I keep cumming again and again. It's the best thing EVER!


October 02, 2010my girlfriend has a g spot orgasm basically every time we have sex but can only do it while she is on top. It leaves her all shaky and exhausted


October 01, 2010Hey, great videos guys! I want to say that I'd never had a g spot orgasm but I keep trying.. Also I heard that you have to stop cuming with the clit for a while to be able to feel the inside. Is it true?? Also you feel like you want to pee, but that's when you need to relax more to be able to come from the inside.


September 04, 2010Yep, everything is acurate! And it's so powerful that may leave her exhausted!


August 22, 2010okay i have already done this and she was very satisfied but just didnt know it was a gspot orgasm just thought she was bit more excited this time and i was using the legs on my shoulders technique if you were wondering


August 03, 2010I have never had a G-Spot orgasm but I've heard of it and I'm going to try it!!


July 28, 2010G-spot orgasms are the BEST! I agree with everything that was sd in the video. I know that it took me years of being with the same partner before it was even possible; now it is addicting! For me, the G-spot orgasm is like ~30 clitoral orgasms in a row (but without the soreness!). I literally just keep having one body shaking orgasm after another. G-spot stimulation is the only way for me to truly get the pure bliss of having anywhere from 10-30 orgasms back-to-back-to-back.. etc. Best discovery of my life! XD


July 15, 2010ok my girlfireand hase only ben fingers 2 time by me and i need to no if i can try it now or stimulater her more often?


May 28, 2010it there's no demonstration, you should make it an audio instead

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