Selfsuck xxl

Selfsuck xxl

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    2014-03-31 03:45:48Reading these comments always makes me start masturbating. Once I start masturbating I eventually I put my cock in my mouth and give myself a blow job. I'm starting to masturbate.


    2013-10-20 10:38:40lol


    2013-09-15 21:34:42I see 4 thumbs up on the comment about turning into a girl that likes to give blowjobs. It makes me feel good knowing there are others out there who have a fantasy of slowly having tits and a pussy grow on you and then feeling the desires of a horny woman.


    2012-09-25 08:45:42Every time I watch this I end up sucking my cock.


    2012-08-27 09:15:50Sucking your own cock is the very ultimate masturbation you can do.


    2012-08-08 21:28:09iìts good when you're hungry


    2012-05-31 05:07:18i thought i wanted to see this, but now that i have, i wish i had not


    2012-04-05 09:01:03I can suck my own cock and I do it on occasion, but usually I imagine that I've been turned into a girl that likes to give blowjobs.


    2012-03-30 09:36:43Absolutly HOT!


    2012-03-09 18:33:55If I could, I would. I love having this debate. Masturbating isn't gay because it's your own dick... very different than jerking off someone else. Sucking yourself off... similar to masturbating and it's not like you're blowing another guy. I think it's only gay if you blow it in your mouth. Some of my friends think it's gay once you put it in your mouth. Others think it's okay to blow it as long as you don't swallow. Your thoughts?

    jerk and eat

    2012-02-22 03:02:35I love watching a guy suck his own cock. I love it when he blows his cum in his own mouth.


    2012-02-20 04:10:14iv been trying this and.....well i can put the tip of my dick in my staight.... but i like it. and you dont have to be skinny to do it im kinda big


    December 27, 2011Freddie Mercury e.e'


    December 18, 2011fuck


    November 03, 2011can anyone do that for me?

    cum gobler

    October 15, 2011i suck myself then swallow

    tu mama

    October 02, 2011forever alone


    September 08, 2011only in my deams...


    August 17, 2011Oh my god it's Zohan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    July 24, 2011I'm jealous


    July 24, 2011Kann ich auch ..


    July 21, 2011I tell this to my boyfriend all the time "suck your own dick."


    July 05, 2011hey boys, I could do that for u


    July 02, 2011As a chick, this is impossible... But is this gay, sucking yourself that is? I asked a mate of mine and he laughed and said nah


    May 14, 2011geil.... wie geht das??

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