Sarah plays with her sons friend

Sarah plays with her sons friend

Length:  20:36


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    2014-04-20 01:13:25Who is she?


    2014-04-18 11:47:00HOT!


    2014-04-01 18:48:30nice perky tits

    Horny old man

    2014-03-09 01:50:28Really great story. Hot Mamma. Wonder how often that happens today/


    2014-03-07 20:16:04I would fuck her woman absolutely if she were near of me...generally!!!

    Nailin Palin

    2014-03-05 20:47:38why don't they play m.c. hammer in the background??

    Fritz the cat

    2014-03-04 14:54:05Her Ass is just freakin' awesome.

    Post As...JS

    2014-02-22 02:41:21She's only attractive from the waist up


    2014-02-08 17:01:59Eine sehr geile Mama, da würde ich auch gern einen wegstecken


    2014-02-03 22:22:00Love the moaning


    2014-01-20 17:28:02What a hot cougar


    2014-01-15 00:24:00lovely screeming,.. so horny is she


    2014-01-10 11:50:02I Luv U


    2014-01-03 22:00:40would love to fuck a hot looking mom like her and put my cock in her pussy and cum inside her


    2013-12-29 10:17:59What a hot cock.....but she needs to shut the fuck up.


    2013-12-28 22:59:14Did that bitch say hammertime?


    2013-12-14 16:06:36She Is So Great I Like It......I LKIE This Movie 100%....


    2013-11-09 13:25:40So then did he go ride the Hammer afterwards and eat corn dogs with Sarah and Millie? I feel like this video needs some sort of resolution by addressing these questions.


    2013-10-12 13:49:15At 6 minutes and 39 seconds, following the fellatio, there could have been a better scene. It might have shown HER putting HIS erect penis into HER warm, moist, ready vagina. Once again, the woman is portrayed as a passive partner who is just part of the scenery, just there for the man to get off.


    2013-10-08 20:08:53They shouldn't show video's where parents "screw" their sons/daughters friends.. It's kinda distubing and all. I mean its a good video and all but thats gross. I wouldn't want my dad to "screw" my friends.I wouldn't even "screw" anyone past 35 and that's like 11 years older than me.


    2013-10-08 03:51:46I'd love to feel that hard cock swell in my tight pussy. I think I'd submit to a young well built handsome young man. Would love to take him to a hotel and have a couple glasses of wine. Then I'd let him see my tan body in black underwear and bra. Then I'd slowly tease him by rubbing my pussy against his cock. Then I'd let him fuck me every way.


    2013-09-16 03:30:47great face, but what an awful body. god almighty, i never want to bang some old bag.


    2013-08-17 13:02:06i love "Druuna" !! thanks

    Beating my meat

    2013-08-05 07:23:45Not sure what it says about me that I'm enjoying beating my meat for Sarah Palin... :D

    Stephan Samuels

    2013-07-29 16:44:26Wish my friends mom would do that too me.

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