Sandra Shine gets her wet pussy eaten

Sandra Shine gets her wet pussy eaten

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2014-03-16 19:15:53wow, they can fuck anytime. I am so wet and up for it now. I have been fingering myself all the way through. I have cu number of times. Would love one of them to be here doing it to me


2014-02-23 18:09:36I am very straight, but this girl could lick my pussy any day, mmmmmmmmmmmm I would cum very hard. You wanna watch and fuck me afterwards, mmmmmmm


2013-12-31 01:54:45I want them to eat my pussy!! This was so hot that I couldn't avoid to masturbate myself.


2013-12-05 09:51:27I just told my family that I was bisexual, and watching this video really does make me wonder if I am a lesbian or not lmao I mean I have a boyfriend or fiance that I have been with for 3 years now and weve had threesomes and what not hes okay with the fact that I am bisexual but sometimes I really wonder...


2013-11-23 16:53:52hot hot wow 5/5


2013-11-18 02:10:44Let me lick your pussy, it will be good mmmm Do you like my tongue flicking over your clit? Think about me doing it.


2013-11-14 01:28:15How do we get these girls to shave???? ISSSHHHH


2013-08-21 16:30:53anette dawn is freaking beautiful


2013-07-15 15:05:10Tht blond sure cn eat sm pussy omg


2013-07-15 15:03:43Tht blondie can eat the shit out sm pussy omg.....


2013-07-13 21:26:55Unlike some of the other videos i have got to applaud the camera-work.


2013-07-10 00:48:10very well done, so sexy and erotic


2013-04-26 21:08:21Wow+what+nice+girls,++they+make+me+wanna+cum,++no,++they+MAKE+me+cum!+


2013-04-18 23:59:18The blonde girl sure know how to ea pussy. I wish she can eat my wet hot pussy right now!!! yummyyyyy!!!!


2013-02-13 09:27:57It's beautiful because she knows how to enjoy a good orgasm


2013-02-10 08:00:28I want to get my pussy licked just like that!


2013-02-02 09:28:26wow


2013-01-04 08:14:55I want the blonde to lick my wet pussy...she knows how to work those tounge and blonde girl pussy looks YUMMYYYYY!!! I want to lick and eat her for ours...I am so wet and horny all day watching their pussy eating,,

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2012-12-30 17:09:51This lush lovely pussy keeps making me come back for more! Blondie-Bridgette is making me fall in love those tits are perfect and the slow to the point teasing pussy eating is mind blowing its so hot. My pussy is never going to recover from this clip. Bravo! Ladies you are so hot you have made my day!

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2012-12-30 16:33:27I change my mind there is no way I would want them to have mercy on my pussy this is the best pussy eating I have seen in a very long time so good it makes my pussy melt into my panties...

Sweet n wet

2012-12-30 16:19:26Lovely tits I can't stop finger fucking to this these two have no mercy on my pussy mmm sensual little pussy teasers!


2012-12-15 22:47:41Oh fuck Ben! You can eat me out.


2012-12-01 07:55:07Cute video. Although.. The comments posted here are a lot more arousing. Going down on a girl was my first sexual experience.. And it seems like it will stay rooted in my mind forever.. I honestly struggle to want to do anything else with a girl.


2012-11-19 23:50:19Would love the blonde to lick my pussy. She has the best tongue flicks I've ever seen in porn. Have never been with a woman. Girls, how would you lick me out for my first time? I want ALL the dirty, juicy pussy details. Would you finger fuck me first and then suck my cunt? Tell me to make me wet.


2012-10-28 21:28:23This made my pussy dripping wet uhhhh

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