Riding for creampie

Riding for creampie

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Post As...Gyoke

2014-03-02 21:16:19Can't imagine all the pleasure he has as she rides him so deep and so hard...


2014-02-18 17:15:12So hot the way she works his big dick! Older woman = experience = more fun!


2014-02-07 17:52:05This clip is absolute gold for getting a gal in the mood. It's worked for me several times over the last couple of years and it just amazes me how quickly a woman will get in the mood after watching this clip for a while. I've had women watch this at work, call me and says meet at her place.


2013-12-18 18:02:21Are there any more videos of these two or her?

Trevor Banal

2013-10-31 19:51:17None of the comments below are from women. LOL

big boy

2013-07-20 10:44:16thats the way a woman should ride you.Like to see more of her


2013-06-15 17:13:24This is still one of the hottest tapes on here, and I guarantee that if your lady friend watches this with you, you'll be fucking long before this one is over.


2013-03-09 04:18:41Best ride I ever seen! I would love that !


2013-02-21 16:25:10My female boss has become a regular sex monster. We go to lunch often during the week and we go to her house, she pulls this film up on the computer in her bedroom, and then she's ready for riding me. Sometimes she will come over to my place at night and wants to ride as well. This has been the best "foreplay" tool I've had to get women in the mood... I also like the regular foreplay, but this thing is much faster and gets the women in the mood in a hurry.

Mr. C.

2013-02-11 14:29:06This girl knows how get herself maximum feeling from an erigated penis! Check her out from 0:36!!!


2013-01-15 14:41:17I love this clip. And yesterday it got me an unexpected piece of ass. I was at my desk, eating lunch, working on a report. While the system was generating numbers, I thought I'd be safe pulling this up for a quick look. I have a female boss, who is 12 years older than I am, has been divorced for about 6 years. She came by, I didn't close the screen quick enough, she told me to let her see what I was watching... the gal in this film rides so hot that it got my boss heated. She decided we needed to go out to lunch, whilch would up at her house. She wanted me to pull it up again, we watched it, but never got to the end as she was now so hot she had to fuck. My next review is going to be super....


2013-01-14 21:14:00hungry, why can't you ride dick like that


2012-12-23 22:33:25If only I could ride dick like that....... :ยด(


2012-12-10 23:27:36Every time I watch this clip, it just makes me hornier and hornier. Julie, I have to admit that watching this with you and then fucking you the rest of the night has been quite a highlight for 2012. I know you are out of town for a while now, but hope you come back soon and we can make 2013 even better. No doubt, you fuck just as good as this one, but the nice thing is, I'm feeling you the whole time. Hurry back Julie


2012-08-20 23:07:15Julie, again, another fantastic night last night. I love how you work it, hon.... let's keep it going


2012-07-19 16:44:15fantastic arse i cant stop looking at it.


2012-06-02 22:28:20hey Julie, glad to find out who you are who I thought you were, and thanks for last night.... you did a great riding job, just like this gal in this clip... now that we know about each other for sure, I hope we can continue being FWB. Let's get together tomorrow night... deal?


2012-05-22 17:33:58This is still the best riding clip I've seen. Gets me going everytime I watch this woman. And Julie, I think I know who you are, so let me call a mutual friend (if you are who I think you are). She will tell me if I'm on target.


2012-05-16 12:17:42Mike, we need to get together. I love a younger man who appreciates a good older woman. I agree that this video can get the juices flowing and I'm willing to show you that I can also beat what this girl does, although you are right and she really knows how to work it. I'm 42 and I know we will have a very hot, very exciting time.


2012-05-15 19:10:32I've been seeing this older gal (just as friends) but she was over last night and we got to talking about riding. I told her I had seen one of the hottest rides on youporn, so she wanted to see it. Well, we wached it, then she had to show she could ride just as good. Damn near wore me out, and I'm 15 years younger than she is. Guys, get your lady friend to watch this with you. Apparently it gets the competitive juices flowing.


2012-05-14 21:55:40This is hot because this woman knows how to ride a cock. Love how she works it. Ladies, pay attention, your guy would love to have you ride like this


December 24, 2011Fucking Great


December 21, 2011kinky to think about her getting pregnant. I wish more couples would post their conceptions.


November 26, 2011Guhh, had a massive squirt to this video


November 16, 2011awesome ride

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