Real Shy Wife's First BBC

Real Shy Wife's First BBC

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2014-03-20 20:39:08Boy do I remember my first bbc. It was one of the most wonderful days I have ever had. A nice young stud with a huge cock and balls who wanted me.


2013-11-17 18:12:30Would love to see my wife take her first!!!


2013-12-12 03:59:28Say Something...oh my wife too


2013-07-21 13:53:13This brings back terrific memories of my first bbc.........God he was hung.......I have been a black cock whore ever since....kisses to all you big black cocks out there... I can never get enough black cock and their delicious hot sperm


2013-07-09 23:10:02Those big thick black cocks will take your breath away the first time you feel one sliding into you.


2013-07-07 23:04:04There will be a time when this real shy wife will be begging for her black bull to breed her with one of his thick hot loads of baby batter. I would be. I would love to get my hands on that hard body of his and that condom free (no condoms allow in me) big cock. mmmmmmmm.


2013-07-07 16:22:33My first experience with a BBC was the first of many after that. He was sexy with a hard body and a big cock. He fucked me and fucked me and all I could say was the same thing this woman said, "OH YEAH". His cock was wonderful. He also wore a condom and when he started cumming it was incredible to watch him and listen to his moans as he continued to shoot his load into that condom. When he pulled out of me and I saw all the seed in it, I knew I needed it in me from that point on. He exploded like a horse. It is a wonder that he hasn't knocked me up yet. I am waiting for that to happen.


2013-05-29 00:30:03Wish that clip continued on for a while. I bet she let loose on the bbc. I know I would have. I also would have made him take off the condom. I bet by the end of that session she was in love with the good looking black cock.


2013-05-20 13:21:05 That was me about 3 years ago. Taking my first bbc was incredible. The first time was with a condom, the second time was bareback and feeling him cum inside me was the best thing that has happened to me. He is passionate, sexy, has a very hard body and a fantastic cock and balls. I also said "oh yes" as he slid deeper into me. There were no other words to describe it. If you haven't tried it, do it, you will never regret it ladies.


2013-05-10 16:28:16With a nice hard cock like that stud has, I would have ripped that condom right off him. I am a girl who likes to feel that warm thick cream shooting into me. I want the real deal. What do you think Donny?


2012-10-25 15:04:52I would Donny..................every time


2012-09-28 01:29:20She might have been shy but boy did she love the big black cock. Wonder if she would finally let him take of that condom and let him fill her pussy up with black seed.....would you?

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