Powerful Male Orgasm with Vibrators

Powerful Male Orgasm with Vibrators

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    2014-04-21 15:02:28Fuck you sounded AMAZING...ill be thinking about you when i rub my pussy..


    2014-03-30 07:30:42Omg best fucking this ever.

    little slut

    2014-03-26 02:14:27I finger myself and rub emo clit so fast to this


    2014-03-15 03:52:25Whenever I watch this I finger myself so fast I cum everywhere


    2014-03-13 14:31:09i dnt see how he jus moaned like tht. wow. he has a very small dick so i guess he dnt get any sex.


    2014-02-25 21:51:14I think im bi now ._. So hot moaning, gosh, i came


    2014-02-16 03:59:11That is by far the sexiest thing ever.


    2014-02-10 21:02:20Can I have you?


    2014-01-06 23:39:10Great cuming groans, and your bellybutton... omg your deep, sexy bellybutton!


    2013-12-18 10:03:30all that spunk waisted it could be inside me


    2013-11-01 08:30:02I came so fast to this video!


    2013-06-06 18:32:26i can come just listening to you


    2013-04-11 05:47:58My+fiancee+cums+like+this,+he+once+came+in+me+5+times+which+is+how+he+recently+got+me+pregnant+and+the+last+time+he+came+8+times+and+that+was+in+40+mins...+But+i+really+wish+he+would+moan+like+you+that+is+my+biggest+turn+on....


    2013-04-02 00:46:29Love the noises


    2013-02-11 10:19:27Oh my goodness... I get so wet even thinking about this video... baby baby baby you make my pussy explode with you! I have to say, there is nothing in the world sexier than a guy that moans when he cums. I just wanna lick you from head to toes to make you cum over and over again... thank you for posting this! I adore you!

    significant bonner

    2013-01-27 21:15:00o god that girlish wimper just before you came makes me loose it every time. ahhh the things we do with toothbrushes XD


    2013-01-25 03:46:023+times+in+2+minutes?!


    2012-08-17 09:47:59wow!!!!!!!


    2012-06-05 04:40:50OMG your moaning is sooo HOT


    December 21, 2011I love hearing guys come, it's so hot.


    November 16, 2011wow babe i came with you and the moaning awsome come to my house in new zealand


    November 08, 2011Wow. That's how I cum. Even on my own, on my back, a good fantasy brings on a slow, almost agonizing climax. I tried to time myself to this guy this morning but I lost it listening to his noises. We moaned out our pleasure together....


    November 07, 2011Yeah. Sad some of you girls entertain silent cummers. When I cum alone, ohh, it's a fucking job to remain silent! (the parrots like to imitate noises) But when I make my cummy noises, it means that incredible buildup and ending has been way beyond good. May I please eat and fuck Penny now? (just figuratively, my dear!)


    October 13, 2011i wish more men would moan like that i mean like if u have a orgasm we want to hear the pleasure not just see it i mean i loveeeee this video now i gotta change me sheets :S lol


    August 27, 2011love hearing guys moan. this really turns me on.

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