Plump & Shaven - homemade amateur movie

Plump & Shaven - homemade amateur movie

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2014-01-29 20:14:58Well Nice, I have to say it's been fun the last few months, and you weren't lying about things either. So glad we were able to match other to the mutual satisifaction for both of us. Let's keep it going for a while longer.... deal??


2013-12-24 03:55:26I wanna squeeze those beautiful tits while I cum deep in her pussy. I love chubby women. The British accent is hot too.


2013-09-14 18:35:03Ha ha they look like the gay couple off benidorm.


2013-08-26 10:18:25Love this video. One of my faves on here. Would love to have a go with her.


2013-02-06 19:32:12i need to have sex


2013-01-09 20:14:50Loved the quiet squishing sounds of her wetness as she rode him reverse cowgirl, love thick women, so hot!


2012-11-17 02:28:52I Have been loooking at girls like her for a long time, but got no success. Why? Maybe the dont understand how sexy and attrative they are? I wish I had girlfriend like this one. OMG


2012-11-13 14:39:11Well, nice2naughty, I'd love to help out. When I was in college and was living off campus, there was this married woman down the street (this one appears married as well). Her husband traveled a lot and I noticed she was out trying to start her lawn mower. I went over to help and after I got the mower started, I told her I would do her yard. She invited me in afterwards for something cold to drink. We started talking, I also told her I was a handy man (learning from my dad), so if she had minor problems around the house, I would be happy to help. She said she had some plumbing that needed some attention... ha, I was a little slow on that one at first, but it didn't take long for me to see where she was headed. I did a lot of work over at her place standing up, sitting down, doggy, bed, couch, kitchen table, etc. so nice let me know how to get in touch.


2013-08-20 03:30:42;-) Sweet, thanks!


2012-08-08 21:19:14love the girl... totally hot... but I wish she would switch gears and speed it up a little.


2012-07-13 02:13:30You guys say you'd like to meet a woman like that in real life, so how come I never meet such guys? I look like her, though I have firmer tummy and well defined waist, longer hair and (I flatter myself) much prettier face. I am very enthusiastic in bed and love oral and I still get no action. What gives?


2013-10-19 10:47:28Are you still on the look out?? ;)


2012-07-13 00:57:32really? very boring and slow lousey blow job and I am a girl.......


2012-06-17 07:39:58Great, so real!


2012-02-29 08:37:29Wonderful big tits, want to cum between them


January 12, 2012mmm i would fuck you like that!


January 07, 2012Exelente


January 05, 2012One of the best movies ever

White pride

January 05, 2012Shes hott


December 18, 2011i love the way her tits hang down when shes on top of him


November 26, 2011My ideal girl.A beautiful chubby girl with a huge ass, amazing tits, sexy ass tattoos, wide hips and will let you cum in mouth after fucking you very well.My dream women.


November 20, 2011I luv watching real people. Very much a turn on. Thanks


August 13, 2011Real fucking tits and homely woman...............


August 08, 2011Haha I love our porn in the UK it's so fucking bleak.


July 29, 2011wouldnt mind a ride at her

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