Petite Wife Takes Huge Cock

Petite Wife Takes Huge Cock

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2014-04-09 00:04:13love it


2014-04-08 14:11:13I have had the pleasure of watching my wife get fucked over a hundred times, then fucking her big, hot hairy cunt second. There is no better sex, I love it.


2013-07-19 15:17:39I would love to come home to find my wife like that!!!

mojave green

2012-12-21 00:53:01Kelly... I love the way you moan, and the animalistic way you have sex. Poor Justin looked like he had buyer's remorse...


2012-08-06 01:40:09i would love it if a guy share his wife with me

filipina rosebud

2012-06-26 02:09:36wife sharing is not a practice in the philippines. but i would love to try


2012-06-01 04:09:42 kelly has great tittys..... would of loved to see her suck ALL of his cock.... bet she would love it in here ass

NC Scott 39

2012-02-29 18:16:04Hey Jo Annie, I totally agree. I think it would be fun to bring a 'friend' over, but there is a risk. I also agree with the guy farther up that said a website would make millions if they got a real woman (like you :) )and filmed the ongoing jealousy and bickering afterward. Like an adult reality show..

jo annie

2012-02-24 03:14:23that was the sexiest thing i have ever heard u dirty slut


2012-02-11 12:47:57Jo annie Always a danger for a guy in bring another man home when he's never seen his cock b4. Must still be a turn on, better if you join in I would have thought unless you have a real small penis...only saying.


2010-11-18 01:05:46anyone wona come over and fuck my wife like that ? she loves it in her ass and she love to suck dick tell you cum on her chest . for real hit me up shes been asking for another dick

Jo annie

January 20, 2012When my ex hubby brought over a friend to fuck me I know he was jealous when his friend pulled out his elephant sized dick when he bored it into my tight little pussy with some difficulty as I screamed in ecstasy for him to cum.


December 19, 2011my wife loves sucking my hard cock. sometimes for hours. calls it her lollipop. her pussy is soaking wet every morning and she needs plenty of cock.


September 22, 2011She got over being "nervous" pretty quick....LOL


September 20, 2011someone should actually make a site featuring real wives getting shared. It would be great to see a true amateur. Plus all the bickering and jealousy between the two. It would make millions.


September 13, 2011love to wtch this. wife screams a lot and it turns on


July 26, 2011I just came wohooooo!!


May 07, 2011justin and kelly are shitters - they et hard shit and drink liquid shit. i should know, I'm their librarian


April 27, 2011its always awkward with your husband right there. cause its like whats he thinking?


March 14, 2011What is the deal with big cock? I had 25 men in my life. The worst fuck I ever had was with the guy with the 9" cock, it hurts. My husband is the best. ***cause the dude above is a guy that likes cock cause he's a twink!


February 28, 2011What is the deal with big cock? I had 25 men in my life. The worst fuck I ever had was with the guy with the 9" cock, it hurts. My husband is the best.


February 24, 2011hey frank i love to, tell me about your wife? how old , nice tits . ihave 9 inch cock very tick love to see her sucking on it,you would too

Randy B

January 17, 2011Good vid, she's lovely, I'd love for that to be my cock in her and I wouldn't be cumming on her face. Check out Kelly: interview and masturbation, she's great in that.


November 12, 2010I love petites very much. She is a small angel and the one who fucks her is a lucky bastard.


November 03, 2010i love watching my wife fuck and suck a big cock, it turn me on when she moans and she loves it when she puts it in her mouth then rids the fuck out of it till it cums in her mouth

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