petite MILF using a HUGE dildo

petite MILF using a HUGE dildo

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2013-11-04 20:17:28That long hair and small tits is very sexy. Ill lick it baby while you ride it.


2013-10-21 16:15:12Ride that plastic cock girl!

jill lesbian miulf

2013-10-12 11:05:10id love to lick her .she is so sexy


2013-09-03 08:27:50wish that was me she was working, Work she can. than girl can sure move her pussy.


2013-06-26 17:44:28Nice, real. Love her breasts! Glad she didn't slip!

i still came tho

2013-04-11 22:33:40she looks like micheal jackson

now u know

2013-04-08 10:20:46the crack shack is between her legs


2013-02-14 09:03:23oh my


2013-02-07 12:17:19Alternate title: Life in a Crack Shack


2013-01-03 22:34:22Very hot girl!!!! Love amateur milfs filming themselves getting off!!!!


2012-11-17 15:25:04She have a hot body and dam i would love fuck her and show her a great time, I had to save this so i can watch it over and over. If she ever what to fuck just let me know


2012-10-17 05:59:19title = correct. for that tiny girl, that /was/ a huge dildo. i couldn't believe she took it to the nuts...that fuckin' thing must have been in her stomach! awesome vid.

bad commenter

2012-09-28 23:00:06that sucked ass my dick is bigger and she is ugly


2012-09-20 07:34:31super sexy. taking that dildo that easily...she must have popped out a few kids. i'd still bang the shit out of it.


2012-07-29 04:49:25that is one sexy milf


2012-06-20 18:35:48That dildo isn't huge. It would have been better if she just fell into the bathtub.

now i am horny

2012-06-12 19:09:40hot as hell. great rythem, genuine

Ronald Shortboner

2012-06-09 04:38:19awesome. fucking awesome. hot /and/ a freak...i need her!


February 06, 2012I just rediscovered this video, very nice. I think some of her appeal is the fact she is so genuine, and that fact that she's not perfect: she doesn't have big boobs or a perfect ass, and the back of her thighs are getting a slightly jiggly - but instead of that being bad, it just makes her more real. That and the fact she can take such a big dildo inside her small frame with such ease, right on the first thrust - amazing. I love the way she is genuinely into it, thrusting her hips almost involuntarily, as if she has no control over her body; her pussy is on a mission and it won't be denied! If you like her here is another of her videos you should enjoy:


January 21, 2012Sweet little pointy tits as well


January 13, 2012I always wonder if chicks like this know they're on the internet...i'll bet she'd love to read what kind of sickos are beating it to her, haha


December 14, 2011wow. looks like old version of ex. eerie


December 11, 2011lmao @ lonewolff...there are some hidden treasures in america's trailer parks...this proves it


December 05, 2011Cute little cunt wife,Wonder how many time a day she does that.


November 20, 2011i would love to have her hot pee in my mouth.. Yummy...

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