petite assfuck

petite assfuck

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    2014-02-26 22:05:37That's a nice little chick. Exactly how I like them...


    2014-01-17 16:11:04French mentality..aweful


    2014-01-04 02:37:10this chick is NOT loving this lol


    2013-12-19 15:01:40Good

    UK White Guy

    2013-12-18 09:36:22Fucking love Asians... My new housemate is a 21 year old Chinese girl who is just so tiny it's untrue! I so badly want to fill her up and spill my load over her back...


    2013-08-21 16:49:06The tatoo on her back looks familiar.....

    Jack Smith

    2013-06-09 07:29:22I see this chick at St@rbucks all of the time. I knew I had known her from somewhere (haha).


    2013-04-05 12:03:01Holler at me Jupiter. Are you a sexy White guy?


    2013-03-26 05:41:30I'm very fond of Asian girls (and I've had many, many), and I agree with you, NaughtyAZNgurl, they love guys outside their race. Personally, I prefer with a condom... all the caresses, kisses and foreplay can be very hot, and when comes the time of "real action", I love the way we look at each other while I'm putting my condom on... so hot !!!!!


    2013-03-25 16:23:58Asian girls like me love guys outside our race. White and Latino guys are my favorite. I like this guy's body build. He's pretty sexy, I would love to have some naughty fun with him. I would prefer no condom and want a nice creampie. Mmmmm


    2013-01-30 18:38:51Lots of Vietnamese in France. ethnic wise I'd say she's Vietnamese with some Chinese in her! A great piece in any ethnicity!


    2013-01-21 08:40:38I'll never understand guys that want to fuck anal when there is a tight juicy pussy. I guess guys who like anal have homosexual tendencies too!

    bigg dick

    2013-01-08 18:54:16ya meme pa ete capabe de la faire jouir pauvre ptite...


    2012-10-24 09:54:23Her name is Betty Moon, and she's amazing.


    2012-09-15 20:15:58Jolie,et beau corps, mais pas trés concentrée ...


    2012-08-23 14:55:38This video gets better everytime I see it. The girl's face is just superb.


    2012-07-06 19:14:47das würd ich mit meinem kleinen haifisch auch machen


    2012-06-30 12:05:26hum

    Tbone Belgian

    2012-03-23 08:34:09What a personality and great conversation with camera man...the stud was pissed off, she was brilliant! Mas petite chere ...yummy girl


    2012-02-07 18:44:34her name is "Layla" she was in a movie called "payback" with Terra Patrick


    January 31, 2012I am almost postitive that she waited on me in a Brit restaurant in Pattaya 2 weeks ago.


    January 14, 2012Her name is Betty Moon. An asian girl who lives in Paris/French


    January 11, 2012una puta estupenda excelente culo excelente concha tetas muy pobre

    real girl

    January 09, 2012cant believe you don't see it she was in pain and the guy once didn't stop to play with her pussy


    January 06, 2012I want to lick her -such a sweet tasty pussy

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