Peter North facial cumshot (part 1)

Peter North facial cumshot (part 1)

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2014-01-04 20:44:48very very nice.. the only thing I like more then getting fucked in my ass. is taking a hot laod all over my face... would ove to suck peters cock, and cum all over my face.....


2013-09-06 14:16:11@ morning glory, I read that he has to wait at least 2 weeks between filming facial scenes just so he can produce loads this big.


2013-05-31 13:55:04just one time i'd love to suck his big hard cock and take his big load of hot cum in my mouth and try to swallow all his cum.


2013-03-09 13:40:43nice video.peter has a very nice smooth 9" cock and his cum looks so so very taste.i would love to lick his cum off all the woman in this video.i would love to suck him off just one time.i want him to shoot his big hot creamy white cum into a glass and i will drink all his hot jizz.thank you.

nic e (bb) dickman

2013-01-29 06:20:51i'm on the down low, i love the feel, texture of fresh hot thick ooooooooooooooooey goooooooooooooooey cum. i have a pool of fresh hot thick ball sauce on my tounge, my fuck buddy is scooping the pool of cum, then slowly he lift's the head of his amazing 10 inch black cock, he gets about 8 to 12 inchs away before the embilicord of cum breaks, after 2 or 3 times he slaps that pool of yummy cum, and now it's all over my face, he then uses his massive throbbing cock head to collect from my face, and back on my tounge

Wholly Satisfied

2012-09-10 14:41:28Thank you girls for giving to the guys the BJs that made them cum. Really great sex .Does this get any better?


2012-08-02 13:27:13the only way to eat all his cum is to have him cum in a glass and just drink his hot cum.although having him shoot his hot creamy cum all over your face and in your mouth is pretty great to.


2012-07-26 13:21:13how nice it would be to suck on peters cock and then open your mouth as wide as you can and have him shoot his hot cum right in your mouth and swallow all that creamy thick cum.

what if

2012-07-13 13:50:44What if a guy and his girl were in a threeway along with a cock like Peter's..........and the guy was fucking his girl while she had that big cum-cannon in her mouth..........and when the guy was trying to get a good look at the start of the cum shooting on her was like at 3:26? If Peter finished first...would girl order her man to do clean-up when she knew he was on the verge of coming? What would girl order her guy to do if he was on the verge.............and Peter hadn't finished yet........or was right at the start of it? What is.......

lover of cum

2012-07-08 14:43:02is peter the best?well of course he is.i would love to suck his 9"cock and wrap my mouth around his cock head and have him shoot his entire load of hot thick creamy cum in my mouth so i can swallow every drop.i would love to eat his cum every day for breakfast,lunch,dinner.that'll work just fine.


2012-06-18 08:21:58Peter's big sexy penis is like a powerful sperm cannon. He has the most incredible volume of spermy semen when he's ready to spurt from that big sexy penis!

morning glory


cum whore

2012-05-26 19:16:45i would love to suck off his cock and have him shoot his big hot load of sperm on my face and in my mouth every morning before work.twice a day on the weekends.he has such a nice big hard cock and i'll bet his cum taste like pure honey.


2012-05-22 03:35:10Would love to shoot half the loads Peter does. Amazing !

Jo annie

2012-05-18 21:58:02I had one bf that was close to the same load but never have I seen a man shoot such big thick and gooey wads of semen the way Peter does.Trying to swallow one of Peter's wads is my fantasy..........


2012-05-16 17:58:41Omfg LOL this guy is like the cum shot king


2012-05-15 19:36:54girl at 1:04?


2012-05-15 14:03:461:31!!! GORGEOUS


2012-05-11 23:37:28What's the name of the girl... with the cum on her face! Why do guys always want to know the girl's name? wtf difference does it make? Like you're gonna call her?


2012-05-11 22:54:02every girl he fucks is fine as hell


2012-05-11 18:08:211:03 the best, 1:20 the worst


2012-05-11 17:20:33That was hilarious.


2012-05-11 17:05:08This guy is a sperm factory


2012-05-11 14:38:421:20 THE BEST


2012-05-11 13:15:54goddamn

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