Pattaya hooker sandwich with sextourist

Pattaya hooker sandwich with sextourist

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2013-10-04 17:41:04Love it!


2013-07-30 17:09:12i think they are called sex workers instead of prostitutes. this video shows all that is involved in a days work. yeah, guys are boring, but they sure have nice cocks. i think the scene in the beginning was to parade around in front of a gentlemen, to show how sexy they are, and because they are bound, how available they are. normally i dont like watching videos with more than 1 whore, but these girls worked well together. i liked watching when 1 whore sucked just the tip of the guys cock, while the other whore jacked him. that way i could see his cock all of the time. also i liked watching him cum. i couldnt see that if he cummed into her pussy. i like the idea of being a pattay hooker, and this video showed what i could look forward too.


2013-04-12 09:11:28What the fuck !!!!!! Worst & most boring vid I have seen yet, waste of fuckin time


2012-12-20 00:42:23Where is the fun? very boring girls n the video.


2012-11-20 05:25:06What the fuck was that at the beginning? Musical chairs? Ring-around-the rosie? It doesnt look all that great to me, Danielvita. It looks to me like they are bored shitless. Maybe the GUY is just boring.


2012-10-21 18:22:35I love these girls Pattaya girls are just made for sex tourists. It's true! These horny angels turn sex into a way of art. Their cunts are designed to be fucked over and over again. When I first visited Thailand a few years ago, I was introduced to the Thai sex scene by a good friend of mine. It was just what I needed. Since then I fucked over 80 different Thai bargirls and prostitutes. It's the best sex possible. Now I'm a man with a mission. I go to Pattaya every year now, just to fuck as much prostiitues as I can. It's heaven!!


2012-09-10 22:30:36AIDS gratis, congratulations.


2012-04-14 08:31:36Wow, I know one of these two girls...

K e Y n O

January 15, 2012wow... i could fuck them all day..!!!!


December 28, 2011he should have cum in their pussies


November 15, 2011those chicks are bored :/


November 05, 2011Those chicks at one tome were guys.


September 05, 2011haha those chicks looks so bored :?


August 27, 2011dirty fuck dolls


August 06, 2011Fucked both in Pattaya a few weeks ago, find them on Soi 8 Pattaya! great fuck


July 28, 2011no condome, loool!

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