Panty sniffing bitch

Panty sniffing bitch

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    2013-06-09 15:33:22belle femme


    2012-12-26 12:40:26I like wearind bad sticky female panties and so I smell myself like a whore


    2012-02-16 20:33:28my sister caught my wife sniffing her panties i made my wife eat my sis pussy and ass it made me so horny watching my sis pushing my wife face aganist her pussy that when my sister said she was done with her i than took my sis panties put them on her head so the croch of her undies were over her nose than i fuck my wife while my sister watched she my sis even made sure her panties stayed in place


    January 14, 2012My friends mum leaves her dirty panties on the ground In the bathroom , I like to lick them and smotther them across my face!


    May 14, 2011i sniff my wifes panties and jack off all the time. i'll fuck her hard, and then when she's done, take her panties and jack off while sniffig them. i can't get enough. i love sniffing panties


    April 09, 2011My bf would always sniff my roomates panties and just fuck the living shit out of me after because he was so turned on and until I actually sniffed them I didn't know why,they smelt fuckin great.Now I want to go bi and lick her sweet smelling pussy.


    July 26, 2010I love the smell of my bros gf 's panties.I steal a pair and sniff them when she stays at our house.If they smell that good she must taste like a fine wine.I intend on finding out!


    June 17, 2010A student of mine caught me rubbing my clit thru my panties,walked in and started to fuck me with my undies around his dick,blew his nuts and them rubbed my panties in my face...They were sticky...and wet..


    June 16, 2010My Mother in law loves sucking her daughters ass and pussy juice off my schlong while its still dewy.She too sniffs her panties.


    June 15, 2010I live with my bf and his Mom,when I clean up I find his Moms undies and they are soaked with cunt juice I get so horny sniffing them that I fuck my bf silly and he has no idea why thios is.His Mom is so HOT.


    June 15, 2010I get so fuckin horny by the smell of my soaking wet panties that I leave them in my bosses desk hoping he will know they're mine.


    June 10, 2010I help my sister clean her house and do laundry.I can't help but notice the smell coming from her dirty laundry,Its her panties,you can smell her ass,yet it smells great,I get so turned on that I take her undies and smell them while I masturbate,I would love to taste her pussy and her ass...


    June 10, 2010I sniff my sister in laws panties everytime she stays with us. She has the sweetest smeeling pussy...


    June 09, 2010I was sniffing my daughters undies once,only to find out my bf just shot a load in them an hour before.How could I question his perversion???

    Au Cindy

    June 09, 2010I smell my own panties all the time and now I know why everyone likes licking my pussy and ass so much,if they smell that good you know they taste great...


    June 09, 2010I got caught smelling my aunt's panties by my uncle.He then proceeded to give me the assfucking of a lifetime.It was worth getting caught.

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