One girl with a strap on enters guys ass (CLIP)

One girl with a strap on enters guys ass (CLIP)

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    2014-04-20 17:49:52I would love to try this and wish she was hear or my wife doing me like this. She like me when i fuck her anal so i wish she would due me like this


    2014-01-26 19:43:24wow this is so hot


    2014-01-26 15:58:22wish i could find someone who would due this to me. I would love to fill that in my anal when she fucking me. Dam watching this is making my cock hard and about to cum


    2013-11-11 09:28:19Love using my dildo by myself, but just don't know how to get my wife to join in. Sent her a picture with it all the way inside me, but she thought that made me gay. Thinking of making a video to show her how much I love it. Then maybe she will make a video doing me. Big turn on seeing how many women enjoy this.


    2013-11-09 16:20:27There are homemade vids way more hotter


    2013-10-09 22:46:09I have been a wanting a beautiful woman like this to fuck my ass with a strap on for so long now. I love this gal she is sexy and knows how to fuck a guys ass and enjoys it. Is there any women out there that would like to do a mature virgin ass?


    2013-08-28 14:03:20I always what to try this. I think this be fun. Let me know what it fill like


    2013-06-27 18:07:11sehr geil, möchte auch mal ...

    omg i do this

    2013-06-14 03:22:04My current GF got me into this, and I don't even remember how, but I'm addicted to it now.


    2013-05-26 22:14:13Mmm... a good boy to dominate and fuck with a strap-on.


    2013-05-10 18:43:18pricesa donde te puedo encontrar quiero sentir lo mis mo contigo asme el amor asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Z Man

    2013-02-03 21:52:55I've always wanted a woman to do that to me. Getting the prostate massaged like that is awesome :)


    2013-01-04 21:18:34i want a guy like this

    Dip Set

    2012-12-09 10:06:00tht is not good for a boy to get fuck by a girl with dick tht shit is not good at all


    2012-10-25 18:51:10me to


    2012-10-18 17:34:09I want to be fucked in my ass


    2012-09-28 15:17:06Já comprei o Strap on, estou louco para ser enrabado pela minha esposa safada.......

    Post as...

    2012-09-07 22:18:16Dar o cu é a melhor coisa do mundo!


    2012-07-23 01:11:48Needtotry you can with me,


    2012-06-08 11:25:28i like the idea of a cock in my ass and my cock in a pussy at the same time then cum in the pussy and let the other guy lick it out then suck him off together with my partner and cum share, anyone interested?


    2012-05-29 14:31:07I like this guy!


    2012-05-22 17:56:52i love it also wife began with regular dildos now we us the strap on, i read a email of hers where she was telling a friend about it turned me on


    2012-03-27 04:46:11first time i tried this was with a girl i had only started seeing. she suggested it so i wanted to try it out. most embarrassing moment of my life when her mum walks in while she was fucking me in the ass doggie style. loved it though.


    2012-03-26 06:35:28Id love to try that too


    2012-03-14 04:23:33I have always known how good it feels to have my ass fucked hard, but I have never knew so many guys want their asses fucked too! I have always known that for a man it is pleasurable to have me lick their ass or stick my finger in while he is cuming, but never realized how many men out there loved to be fucked by their girl. Very Hot!!

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