Old man fucks Young girl

Old man fucks Young girl

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maria 78

2014-04-19 15:35:10the best old fucker

Posting As...

2013-07-24 04:32:52She sure did enjoy that. O.o


2012-11-15 15:29:02wooo!!


2012-08-08 07:55:27old man is so gud fucked


2012-07-18 15:02:54thats how you fuck young pussy, cause their young boyfriends cannot do it like this. pussy needs a great fuked to be satisfied... this girl sure did loved it and so did he. lucky guy


2012-03-10 17:00:54yummy, this vid brings back memories of my first boyfriend. His dad was always flirting with me, shamelessly since my bf never even bothered to notice since he spent time with friends while I just sat and waited with him. So ofc his dad n I hit it off well, and eventually we were sneaking out while no one bothered to care anyways. I remember getting a kick out of telling my bf I couldnt have sex cuz im waiting for marriage..and getting my pussy slammed hard n a load spurted in me, from his dad. meh good things cum to an end eventually, slipped up and he walked in on me getting it doggystyle XD


January 22, 2012Way to go Bruno. I'm 63 and still drilling the young puss every chance I get. Hi Ema.


January 01, 2012So..?? Young girl like to fuckin with old man...


February 20, 2011Old? he will be in the 40s, with no problems to satisfy any holes! I'm 74 and still fucking young girls whenever possible. Takes a little longer to shoot off, but that's what they seem to like


January 05, 2011Maybe I am just getting older, but he did not look that old to me. I would love to get fucked by a cock that big.


January 03, 2011That old man that you guys are referring to, if we all ended up like him, NONE OF US would complain. That's the truth and you fucking know it. BTW im so ready to shoot my load now.


January 03, 2011I concur... He's got a great cock and he shoots a good load - I'd join them for a 3some!


January 03, 2011I don't usally like this young and old stuff because I'm 20 and I don't like the thought of an older man fucking a fit young girl with a tight pussy :) But I've gotta give it to this well hung coffin dodger.. he knows how to fuck and she knows how to suck.


January 03, 2011I like to be fack like her by a old man and eat his goode's

Lu it!

January 03, 2011Love seeing that huge cock ramming that tight young pussy!

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