Naughty wife gang banged by hubbys friends at home

Naughty wife gang banged by hubbys friends at home

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2014-03-05 13:27:56I watched this with my wife - she told me there are at least 3 guys at work that she would be willing to try this with. She wants me to set something up now, or maybe get her drunk and bring her to a hotel where they are waiting for her.


2013-12-20 02:20:05I've known some accommodating wives like that.

happy hubby

2013-07-29 19:11:49for my wife's 40th b'day i arranged a reunion of all the guys (8 of them) that we'd swung with over the years. she fucked and sucked them all week end while i watched and licked their come off her body and ate their creampies. don't know which of us enjoyed it the most.


2013-06-01 22:54:43my buddies love fucking my wife but she loves the blowing their loads in my mouth and watching me suck theier cocks afted the ass fuck me


2013-01-18 14:28:49Love to Help with That


2012-12-01 06:24:12I love watching wives servicing as many men as possible while her hubby looks on. The more guys that cum in an on her.....the better


2012-11-03 03:20:24Your wife is hot I jerked off three times watching her get pounder, I would stand in line to dip my cock in her cunt, do you like to watch her get fucked? I like to watch as my wife takes a cock up her cunt.. Truly enjoyed watching your wife as these guys enjoyed fucking her


2012-07-13 06:51:23I would love to see my wife doing something like this sometime in the near future and in hopes that she enjoys it as much as this lady did!!!


2012-07-06 09:38:37i wonder how long they were boning this chick considering they've got drinks and stuff out


2012-03-25 09:46:19am i the only one who found it hilarious that stacie orrico's song "there's gotta be more to life" was playing in the background at some point?


2012-03-09 11:35:08yeah it s a real babe i want to fuck her


2012-02-27 15:51:39About 20 years ago not long after geting divorced, a mate asked me to join him at another mates to give a slut a good gangbanging.I went and sure enough this slut was there and there were about a dozen guys.I was amazed at how she performed, taking lots of cock and swallowing loads of cum. Well i am now married to her and we have enjoyed naughty parties, gangbangs,bukakke parties ever since.I absolutely love being married to a slut


2012-02-09 01:18:11luv this one!


January 20, 2012This is exactly how a hot-wife should welcome her husband's friends in their home. They should know they are always invited to cum again and again.


December 07, 2011Fantastic looking legs

wife gangbanged

November 17, 2011'd love to watch my friends fuck my wife in one night. Not in a aditional gangbang like here though. More like each guy takes my wife individually into our bedroom and screws her privately.


November 01, 2011Of yes me too I love a slut who dresses and fucks everyone

crossdresser jon

October 31, 2011wish my wife was like this i'd love to see her getting gang fucked

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