Naughty housewife fucks next door neighbor

Naughty housewife fucks next door neighbor

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    2014-03-08 19:32:38I wish I had a Neighbor like that for just one Afternoon


    2013-07-15 22:35:47I agree with you. If you were my wife you could have a the young cock you could handle. I'm eagerly awaiting the day i come home early to find my wife in our bed with some young stud getting laid.


    2013-06-10 11:30:50The music is hilarious.

    malay boy from malaysia.

    2013-06-07 00:55:08nice i like...n i wane


    2013-02-23 13:19:49SHE NEEDS HARDER FUCKING.


    2013-02-19 19:12:16I'm in a situation now with my next door neighbor's wife. He travels a lot and when he's home, he never spends time with her, but goes to the local bar and drinks with his buddies... can't figure it out cause she's a nice looking woman. I started helping her by fixing some things in the house that didn't need a plumber or a carpenter, it was an easy fix for me and she appreciated not having to spend the money. He thanked me as well, offering to buy me some beers at the bar. I told him no thanks on the bar scene, never cared for it. Howeve, she thanks me in her own way and has now for over a year. She needs the action, she's safe and right next door, he doens't care. She is 12 years older than me, but that's a plus as far as I'm concerned... they have no kids either, but no surprise since he hasn't tapped her in a long time.

    Au Cindy

    2012-10-14 14:38:37When I found out my husband was cheating on me and his friend moved next door I invited him over all the time while my hubby was at work and he showed no interest in me until one day I had a little sundress on with no bra and my red thong.I made sure he viewed me from behind as I bent over in front of him alot.I felt his big hard cock against me as he reached around and made the first move feeling my big nipples as I bent over the kitchen counter I felt him warm mouth licking my clean shaven pussy and rimming my ass and then he seen m,y oversized clit as he licked it as he got ready to enter me.I watched him between my legs as his big uncircumsized dick penetrated me.I squeezed my pussy as hard as I could once he was inside me and shortly after I had cum I felt his big unit pumping out his seed inside me


    2012-10-05 15:26:35I love it when a woman reaches for my dick to guide him in. Janelle, come to my neighborhood, we will have a great time.


    2012-07-22 02:30:12what a great fuck


    2012-03-30 01:25:11Why does society call a man who has multiple sex partners a STUD but if someone like me who loves sex & has a few great lovers naughty ,slut etc ? I think this so wrong ! I believe everyone should a least try out their neighbours as it is great fun & very enjoyable . Its good to see this lovely lady enjoying her sex there should be more of this & more videos on line of this as well.


    2012-02-27 22:55:56I wish this was longer, she is brilliant!!!


    2012-02-21 21:24:38Would love to fuck that pussy...


    2012-02-20 23:00:39'd llike NEIGHBO LIKEHER nd willin go hVE FUN ON THE SIDER SHE DOES IS lll soo well, gVE ME heD JUST Wtching video


    2012-02-14 00:15:09i have sex with alot of our neighbors even did a 3some with neighbor and his wife one has ask if i would do his son too... the funny thing is they all think my husband doesnt know what iam doing because it is all secretly being video taped and he watches them when he gets home


    September 06, 2012love to fuck any wifes in india


    January 28, 2012Bommbeeee!!! richtig geilll

    gt holland

    October 06, 2011Die mochte ich auch als nachbar habben in Holland. Schone frau mmmmmmmm

    David S.

    September 01, 2011She gobbled up his cock like it was her last meal...awesome, and she's got a sweet body..


    August 10, 2011shes fuckin' filipina


    June 23, 2011The way i feel right now i could take a cock like that gagging for it. Any offers fellas


    May 19, 2011Nice. I'd love to come home early and find a younger man screwing my wife.


    March 24, 2011Shes a smokin hot fuck


    March 18, 2011surprise butt sex?


    February 23, 2011great porno music


    February 03, 2011her*

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