Naughty America Sharing My Wife

Naughty America Sharing My Wife

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2014-01-06 20:41:5620 seconds into that vid and I knew this was a set up...the guy on the bed is not her bf.


2013-11-01 09:06:37Sharing my wife is always a very good time for the two of us. I do like watch her making love and receive creampie inside her pussy... Afterwards I fuck her too, then I suck her, we share all the sperms (even if several males had let their loads) then we swallow them. Each time it's a fantastic experience we do like to renew as often as possible... We do that since last March, when we wrote a first comment.

hard penis

2013-07-02 08:30:26hey pinky come on taste my hard..


2013-05-10 02:29:02I am Pinky Here come and blast me

I haz big dick98

2013-04-25 08:35:22I agree with u joe!


2013-04-15 12:32:08not sure what her name is but she is smoking hot love the titties


2013-03-10 18:37:15I bought a new condo and needed help moving somethings I went to a day labor place hired two guys to help me when it was time to take them home they said they were homeless, they told me they were brothers 18 an 20 I couldnt just let them sleep on the street so I took them to the place we are moving from my wife was there packing things when I come in an told her she said ok an went back to doing what she was before we got there however my wife was wearing a short sundress light blue with darker color blue panties I could see thru the dress no bra and nipples sticking out, when she come back in the living erea she looked at both guys and ask if they were hungry both said no I got me a beer and ask if they would like a beer both said yes, as I handed them a beer I noticed they were staring at my hot wife, I just thought to myself that I wonder if they ever been with a white women them being black, my wife bending down to get something out of the drawer give both guys a good peek at her french cut panties, I told Carla the were staring and ask if she would give them a little show, Carla is sex crazy and will do anything, Carla started giving them a eyeful when one of them ask if he could play with her I said you have to ask her that. he got up went in the room and then the other one followed when I got in the room Carla had sent them to shower told me that she told them if they suck my cock she would fuck both of them,


2013-03-05 12:23:46Why the hubby doesn't participate ? We understand he is happy to watch his nice wife fucking, but he could fuck her too ! Several videos show such a situation, which is real although funny, as a wife is so exciting when she got cumshot(s) inside her pussy, on her nipples, or on her face like here.




2013-01-06 14:55:11this gril so sexy and please come to chat with me

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