My Wife Covered in Cum by Friends

My Wife Covered in Cum by Friends

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2014-04-17 23:54:33Sexy lady, id love to come in her pussy or up her arse. My wife loves when we get a few friends round to service her, she sucks them all hard and makes them come in her pussy one after the other. I love watching the come drip from her pussy as I fuck her.


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2013-02-28 22:49:46Hey, you have a lovely wife, extremely nice, appreciate her. If you want I can give you my wife but you give me your`s.


2012-12-24 13:36:33love your wife


2012-12-20 00:13:51Submissive slut just how a wife should be.....;)


2012-11-24 17:48:58My wife can suck all the cock she wants, love it.


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2012-06-08 08:15:07hes actually Air Force not Army, he had the wings tatted on his shoulder on one of the videos than covered it up.


2012-05-25 21:22:14Maybe she wouldn't fuck them.....only agreed to suck and get cum on her. Let's be honest: few guys out there would turn it down.


February 08, 2013Every year for my wife's birthday, she gets to pick how many guys she wants to fuck with while I watch. This year she wanted ten. I was amazed, because she has never picked more than three. Anyway, she talked to all of them and lined up the ten guys. It started in our hot tub and ended with her covered and filled with cum pussy and mouth and all over her breasts. She had the time of her life and said it was a perfect 10!


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