My two friends fucking my wife

My two friends fucking my wife

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    2013-06-24 15:26:36Man, I just wish the video was longer and showed some of the build up before hand.


    2013-05-14 13:17:34I love it when my husbands watches me fuck other men , when we're finished he has to suck there cocks & lick me out


    2013-05-02 16:58:07Reminds me of my wife getting fucked by two guys, a friend that had sharred threesomes with us brought a friend of his along and things got a little wild with the two of them taking turns fucking her in front me this went on. All night until their cocks could not shot a load, I joined in every once I. A while shooting a load of cum up my wife's cunt while they watched, they want to do before again in the near future, my wife wants them also so I guess they will be fucking her soon.


    2013-02-20 03:24:55FUCK HER HARD.


    2012-07-18 14:47:25I want to see my fucking with big cock

    to: the wife and friend

    2012-03-27 01:17:29@ the wife and friend......could you comment more about that, I really imagine that story much success...please please please.....


    January 16, 2012my wife has brought a friend home for the past few months from work to watch me have sex with them she realy enjoys it but has never said she has wanted the same thing one day before i have my weeky poker night i ask 2 of my friends if they wanted to have sex with her and after everybody left they stayed i told her that they were going to take u in and fuck you and she enjoyed it i even told them to give her a DP


    December 20, 2011Minha esposa adora fuder com meu grande amigo.


    November 02, 2011My wife has fucked 19 guys up till now, and I watched with every one!! Sometimes she`ll spend the night away and tell me about it!!


    November 01, 2011Possibly the unsexiest video ever!


    October 24, 2011johnny thats so hot


    October 07, 2011Very horny but far too short, can't these guys last longer than a minute?


    September 05, 2011she's really hot and deserves more than 1:36


    July 26, 2011Bang on comments, Just the other week the wife came in after a night out with no underwear on, her tits fucking had bite marks on, and her hair was allover the place. Fucking turned on like crazy. I love her taking cock


    July 26, 2011Have watched my wife now for two months from our bedroom buddy's cock nearly splits heather wide open...LOVE IT


    July 17, 2011Watched my wife fuck two guys once in their car, outside a bar, she didnt care if she came as long as they came. And they did. I loved it.

    1forallfun at swinglifest

    July 03, 2011Hey HorneyH I'm your man. I love fucking a guys wife while he eats her and sucks my cock then blowing my load in her pussy and on his face. I also like it the other way around too.


    June 25, 2011Would love to shag another guys wife and would be happy if he joined in the party.

    the wife and friend

    June 12, 2011I know one of my friends is screwing my wife at least a few times a year. After we've had a social function at our place a certain friend will stay behind after all the guests have left. He'll then take my wife to our bed and fuck her. I love listening outside the door as she's getting laid.


    May 24, 2011fucking with every boys make ae very happy


    May 20, 2011Hey Steve from melb too love to help out pal get in touch...


    May 15, 2011Shes awsome and she deserves it alll she's a fukn goddes, would fuk here anytime


    May 07, 2011Yeah, that's my fantasy too.... fucking my best friends wife ! ;oD


    April 29, 2011I think it's really generous of this guy to let his friends fuck his wife. they probably fancy her anyway. rather than trying to seduce her in private, they can get it out with her in the open! The wife wins too, cause she gets to take her husbands friends dicks. Only downside i can see is the husband, who has to watch his friends enjoy his wife's body, including filling her with jism. but if you don't mind that, then it's fine!

    2 guys

    April 26, 2011hey horny h lets do it.

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