My Hot Wife Taking Black Dick pt 1

My Hot Wife Taking Black Dick pt 1

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2014-01-01 05:42:32Can you screw my wife next?


2013-10-12 17:53:30She clearly got nothing from that. She was more interested in rearranging the sheets and making jokes.


2013-07-24 00:05:27All you young studs listen-up. Most white women do not lust after black cock in spite of what you read here! Some do, but most don't. I am an older black man and from what I hear on the streets, that hasn't changed much since I was in my youth, although it's more common now. Anyway, I challenge you to find a white woman that's any better in bed than my black Wife! Also remember, it takes more than a big cock to be a great lover.


2013-09-24 16:43:24Tell it...


2013-07-01 23:39:57Comfortable position for both of them. Nice!


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2013-06-22 03:44:20This brother tore her pussy up and she fucking loved it! And so did I!


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2013-02-04 11:34:45Would love to watch my wife get filled by a big black cock!!!


2012-11-09 19:25:31white woman if y fulfill your dream than comment with yr cell no and i will call y and satisfy u


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2012-10-02 22:02:34fucken aaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome


2012-09-23 10:28:49And the walls came tumbling down.


2012-08-12 04:47:04How many orgasm she have?


2012-07-05 23:08:50did anything break thanks

another husband

2012-04-02 16:44:33@wife blackened and @ husband: The first time it happened by accident ... my wife and I were drunk. .Now .. it is our choice ...a husband has to make his wife happy ...

wife blackened

2012-04-01 18:37:50@ husband. Totally agree.All white wives secret fantasy is to get fucked by a black guy. More husbands are starting to enjoy the ideas well. I know I'd love for a guy like this to rock my bed and make my wife scream as he screws her.

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Black Dick

2012-03-28 14:39:21I know that pussy will never be the same, after getting fucked liked that


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