My Hot Wife Gets Fucked

My Hot Wife Gets Fucked

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2014-02-08 23:07:16If you don't think this lady is hot, then you must be dead from the neck down. Any great looking piece of ass who sucks you off, and swallows your complete load, IS HOT in any "MANS", language...


2014-01-19 05:48:48Your wife isn't that hot

The Dude

2013-07-04 01:29:22My wife is hotter


2012-12-25 18:28:45Mmmm


2012-11-26 04:36:14Fuck me Ashley..


2012-09-27 03:13:04Damn that little Ashley body is very hot. If did not long to get that towel of her and her to get his cock in her mouth. Also liked how he spead her legs wide open and started fucking her hard making her moan and groan wanting more of it and hard too. Than she got his cock back in her mouth and miled him dry and was enjoy and looks likes she was enjoy its taste too. Watch that little body of hers both sucking and getting fucked hard got me stroking.

ping pong

2012-08-30 18:13:34who is this bloke that lets his beautiful wife ashley get fucked and mouth drilled by anyone? i want to make friends with him and hope she would take pity on an old geezer and suck the white stuff out of me.


2012-03-19 13:29:39I want to fuck Ashley so hard. I think I'd cum before I could get my cock out of my pants!


October 04, 2011boner


June 04, 2011A great part at the end there.... the mix of cum and warm saliva (right around 3:00) on the tip of his cock...I can just cum thinking about it. The feeling of cumming in her mouth and having her keep the hot cum in her mouth while continuing to gently suck the tip. Wow.


May 26, 2011My pussy is so wet...that cock is a beauty, and she swallowed it all...hummm so good!

my wife

April 30, 2011@Phill Totally agree. My wife's massages are done by an older lady but after seeing this vid I'm starting to wish some younger guy was doing it. Then afterwards he fucks her.


February 18, 2011i love to fuck her.who is this girl? is she english?


February 17, 2011Ashley, you have an amazing body and would you to explore it.


February 11, 2011I wonder if that is what my wife does with her massage therapist at home. I hope she does. She is so hot she deserves it.

@bad brother

January 30, 2011y u dnt marry wth her


January 17, 2011she is HOT


December 12, 2010I WANT TO FUCK HER........

bad brother

November 20, 2010i wish my brother shared his wife with me...i love her


November 15, 2010i would like her to suck me off you are every mans dream i wish you where just over the road from me i would give you the world just to fuck the ass off you i love seeing again. regards tony


November 13, 2010bend her over that table and cum in her ass.

mr. 8inches

October 14, 2010i really like this girl.. hehe i want to fuck her..

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