My Girlfriend likes the taste of cum!

My Girlfriend likes the taste of cum!

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    2014-03-28 20:09:13wish i could find some lady would due this to me. I would love to cum in there month and i would love to lick her wet pussy after she make me cum


    2014-03-12 15:01:54after she get done with you she can come over and suck my cock and make me cum and dam she suck a great cock there. I would love to have her over and suck mine like this.


    2014-03-09 20:13:35Not all guys taste good.


    2014-02-06 03:12:59I love sucking on guy's cocks. It's a huge turn on to have it in my mouth and feel every throb and pulse before tasting their cum, which is really good!


    2014-03-01 10:13:40Hello Holly, I agree with you should try two guys at the same time, that is so sexy and rewarding


    2014-03-09 04:12:18Thanks Claire, It would be so nice to blow two guys at once. I just hope I get the opportunity some day.


    2014-04-13 17:06:13wish you could suck my cock. watching this is making my cock hard


    2014-04-16 02:46:11If only I could Jim, I love blowjobs.


    2014-02-05 05:43:02I want to cum on her sweets tits and then suck it all off.


    2013-12-03 16:47:13I am so fucking horny What is her name


    2013-12-02 10:38:28Again, the dude’s HAVE to ‘pull out’ and jack off, when he had a great cock-sucker [even though she made weird noises! LOL!] to suck it for him! Why oh why, do guys have to masturbate when he’s got a doll to fellate him! Guys, trust me, there’s nothing like cumming down the throat of a gal that’s doing a ‘blow-job’ on you!


    2013-09-17 22:57:07One of the girls in the condo likes to suck cocks and likes the taste of cum. Since her husband is working overseas for two years she has had sex with all the men in the condo. Some of us have even spent the week end with her. Since most of us belong to a national swinger club our wives don't care if we are having sex with this girl because they can travel to another town and become one of their swingers.


    2013-08-21 15:34:59my wife loves the taste of my come I tasted my own its v good It taste the best when I drink apple cider. she tolf meother men are salty not me. sweet. l askef my bfrienf if I could suck his cock so i could aste his come he was surprised but he pulled his cock out he came in my mouthvery fast he was much salty then me I still likef it but he is on apple cider diet anf his come is so good now. we suck each other when evet alone.


    2013-07-09 18:53:44She is perfect!


    2013-07-02 23:07:45Every married man should have a girlfriend or two he can depend on to fuck. My wife does not like oral sex and hates cum, if she could get out of having sex all together it would be fine with her. The girlfriend I have now have sex almost daily. It makes my cock happy to have it stuck in a mouth or cunt.


    2013-04-15 03:44:21would love to have her suck on my cockmmmmmmmmmmm


    2013-03-24 04:51:03mmm I suck just like you babe. I love hot seed in my mouth and on my face.


    2013-03-06 20:35:31SUCK COCKS, SWALLOW CUM.


    2012-12-13 06:00:04Ok+cock+sucking,+no+deep+throat,+ugly+cum


    2012-11-29 21:56:02she sure enjoyed herself as i would too he was such a nice size


    2012-11-01 13:36:48if she likes the taste of cum, leave it the heck in her mouth, dumb@ss.


    2012-09-18 18:13:40pas je vais te rappeler si jai besoin de toi et elle dit super hhahahahahah


    2012-09-07 08:05:49Michele you are a oral guys best lover


    2012-07-31 19:08:51she sounds like a rat


    2012-07-19 20:55:29mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i want some of that.

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